If there’s a Belgian Pride, one of them is surely Scabal.

The Belgian culture is a mix of lots of cultures and influences.

Brussels is a kind of small Babylonia where lots of cultures meet and mix.

In Brussels there’s a word for this mix : « zinneke ».

Scabal is this kind of mix : all the Italian Sartorial genius mix with Savile Row Bespoke  Tailoring.

We won’t call it « zinneke »….but Scabal is really a mix of the Best Tailoring technics from all over.

 Scabal-belgian brand

The Company was created in 1938 by Otto Hertz and started as cloth merchant.

His successor JP Thissen is still the Chairman of the Company assited by his Son Gregor Thissen.

From 6 employees at the begining the Company have today more than 500 employees all over the World.

 Scabal-belgian brand

Scabal have a great Made To Measure service offering the best available fabrics in shirting and suits.

We are just wondering when they will launch a « prêt-à-porter » Scabal line to make the name more accessible and younger….

Scabal-belgian brand

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