After the Ericsson phone model DBH15 of 1947, this is a new object from the past that I would like you to discover. A rare and unique Hand made little cigarette box dispensor for non-filter cigs.

I bought this strange object on Etsy. At Whiskey Creek Cottage, Portland. The shop of Dawnette & Cindy. Two sisters married to two brothers, passionate about vintage objects.

Dating from the 1930s and handmade in Japan, this beautiful object sits proudly on my coffee table. And I use it regularly … . The mechanism works very well, and although it is tedious to roll all my cigarettes in advance … What a pleasure to raise the roof of the cottage and make a cigarette out of the chimney …

Objects have a soul.

And with nostalgia for a past that I have not lived, I spit my cigarette smoke … wondering how many people before me have been killed by this cute little house …


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