Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) - Scottish physician and writerWe all know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and investigations of his famous detective Sherlock Holmes. But Doyle was a prolific writer. And his imagination was the origin of an impressive bibliography …


Little boy in the 90s, I am a child of the generation Jurassic Park. And yet today, I owe to Steven Spielbergh a strange fascination for dinosaurs.

But Steven himself did he not found his inspiration in the work of Michaël Chrichton, himself inspired by Sir Conan Doyle?? The wilderness, inhabited by prehistoric creatures, is in all cases appeared for the first time in 1912. “The Lost World” tells the adventures of Professor Challenger and his expedition to South America in search of dinosaurs.

A thrilling adventure, between the plates of Amazonia and a pterodactyl in London early last century. A major work of the Scottish writer, in which one recognizes the full force of a style quite british. Perfect construction, and an adventure that will devour in one sitting. Ebook available here for free.

The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (first edition 1912)

The Lost World – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (cover of the first edition – 1912)

The first film based on the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was realised in 1925 bu O. Hoyt, making the event in London. It is said that the Scottish author himself was present at the first screening. The DVD is available on Amazon. But you may be a little disappointed by the special effects of the time …

The Lost World - Arthur Conan Doyle - 1925 movie

1925 – First movie inspired by Doyle’s Lost World. It is said that he was present at the premiere.

 The Mexican artist Marcel Delgado worked a whole year to achieve the fifty scale models of dinosaurs that we see in the film.

The Lost World – 1925 Movie


And with all this, we gain a new famous mustache for the Encyclopedia! Welcome Sir Arthur Conan Doyle …

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