Yes, you’ve readed well the title : A Belgian Pride !!!!

Perhaps our British Friends won’t be happy to read it but the Duffle Coat wasn’t invented in England but in Belgium !

The Duffel Coat was created during the 19 century in a town named “Duffel” in the province of Antwerp.

 Duffel - Belgium

The coat was used by farmers who wanted something heavy that won’t let the wind and the rain disturbe their work.

The Duffle Coat was made from Duffel, a coarse, thick, woollen material.


When Field Marshal Montgomery came to Belgium, he found that coat in the province of Antwerp and took it back to England.

As it was a good wind and rain stopper he decided to dress the British Royal Navy with it.


That’s true that the duffle coat owes its popularity to the British Royal Navy.

Field Marshal Montgomery was a famous wearer of the coat, as a means of identifying himself with his troops, leading to another nickname, “Monty coat”.


Large stocks of post-war military surplus coats available at reasonable prices to the general public meant that these coats became a ubiquitous and popular item of clothing in the 1950s and 1960s.

The British firm Gloverall purchased surplus military supply of coats after World War II and have continued to still make the Monty ever since and in 1954 started producing their own version of the Duffle Coat and continue to do so today still being Made In England.

1957 - Old Ad'

1957 – Old Ad’

Gloverall made in the 50’s what is known as todays Duffle by using leather fastenings and Buffalo horn toggles with a double faced checkback fabric.


Duffel-Coat Saint James

Duffel-Coat Saint James

Today there’s only one company left that still produce the Duffel Coat in Belgium : Saint James !

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