The story takes place in New York during the Roaring Twenties.

Nightlife is surrounded by jazz and easy spirits (alcohols free the minds).


Robert Redford, dressed by Ralph Lauren

The story is full of illusions, loves and lies but the Style is all over.

Today there’s a new interpretation coming out on the screens.

Leonardo di Caprio takes the place of Gastby.


Leonardo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby 2013

All the clothes (suits, dresses and others) are designed by Prada and Miu Miu.

I didn’t saw the new movie but I just hope that it won’t be a joke compare to the one produce in 1974 where Redford was dressed by Ralph Lauren….

The funny thing about The Great Gastby book, it’s that when it came out for the first time in 1925 it wasn’t a success at all and they had to take it out from the shelves.

They reedited the book in 1934 but again the success wasn’t there.

After a long silence, the book was reedited with a big success in the 50’.

F. Scott Fitzgerald was just ahead of his time…

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