Lewis Leather was created in 1892 by David Isaacs.

At the beginning it was a Tailoring and Outfitters shop located at 124 Great Portland street in London.

Some years later D Lewis begins making protective clothing for the Gentleman auto sports of Flying and Motoring.

In 1930 the Company introduces Aviakit, a line dedicated to aviation clothing.

They become Contractors to many Governments throughout the world.

In the 60’s with interest in motorcycling gaining more & more popularity, Lewis continue to expand the motorcycling line and become specialized in motorcycling jackets.

59 Club pt 1

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In the 70’s Lewis is at his peak and have 6 shops in the UK.

But because of the Lewis competitors, more specialized in technical motorcycles jackets, in 1985 all the Lewis shop had closed.

Lewis remains a small made to order leather jackets company.


Things started to change when the company was bought in 2003 by Derek Harris.

He was working for a Japanese company and understood very early the potential of Lewis Heritage.

Today, if you want to buy a good leather jacket, among brands like Aero Leather, Cockpit, Schott and others, Lewis Leather  stay a good choice.

lewis leather aviakit jacket 1940


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