We received today a very nice mail from Valentina that wanted to introduce her project. After taking a look at her website, we had no other choice than making a post on her project !

Valentina is the owner and creative director of Biascagne Cicli. Biascagne Cicli is a “one of a kind” bicycle brand located in Treviso. When they started the aventure, the moto was much about making something that they like, something made with passion and time than make something for the money.

Biascagne Cicli Team are REAL Bicycles Fanatics !

When they built a bike, they take the time to find the right pieces, to think about what they want this bike to become and what will be his riding style. It’s not just about to built a bike very fast and to sale it, it’s about creating a one of a kind piece that will match perfectly the new owner needs.

Next time I will be in Treviso (in November) I will definitely visit them and take the time to see all those beauties.


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