Loren Denim

There’s so much good Denim Brand coming up this last few years that it’s impossible to know all of them.

Here’s a good example : Loren Denim.

Loren Denim is a Denim Brand located in Brooklyn and as you have guess : specialized in Denim.

All have started with founder Loren Cronk who had open some years ago a denim repair shop in Brooklyn.

A few years later he decided to create his own jeans, the Loren Brand was born.

They have a few different lines : Loren, Blksmth and Soldier & Brave.

The one that interest us is Loren. Loren specializes in hand-crafted premium denim that is truly one-of-a-kind, from fabric to finish.

The design aesthetic subtly riffs on classic and vintage style, resulting in wearable and enduring pieces that are built for living in.

They are influenced by them neighborhood and are very proud to say that they are Made in Brooklyn !