When Molehill Goods Owner decided to launch his Brand, the original idea was simple: the product should live with the owner, becoming a record of the passing time and of the experiences.

At Molehill Goods, they believe that items of excellent quality should last for life. And life is a process of constant discovery.

Molehill inspires you to experience life anew. The natural, the wild and the raw become part of the everyday. Adventure becomes synonymous with lifestyle.

With the goal of maintaining the formal simplicity, they started creating them products by choosing the most appropriate, natural materials. They refer to the basic needs and they focus on craftsmanship. They know that the more thought, effort and time is put into the creation of an item, the closer to perfection the results are, and the closer to perfection the final product is. They are constantly discovering better ways, striving for the best.

Them emphasis is on precision, which affects the aesthetics and durability of items. Using the potential of local artisans, they turn to the traditional values of craftsmanship.

They go back to the roots.






Do you remember the time…


If I remember well, that’s was in the early 90’s that the pins invaded our everyday life.

That was crazy; you could find them in your Kellogg’s packages, in books stores, fashion stores, everywhere….

People started to collect them and pins auctions were organized all around the World.


As all the waves, the pins wave died and everybody forgot about it (except the crazy guys who put big money in the pins auctions)….


In 2014, two friends, Luke Flynn and Kym Naimo launched a Brand called Prize Pins, and guess what….the Company is specialized in pins…

All the pins are produced in New York and to be honest they’re pretty cool !


The “plus” of the Brand is that they are collaborating with great artists to launch limited editions pins.

They have collaborate with André (Parisian Artist), Tati Compton and others.


If you’re searching for a little accessory that will complete your great jacket look, just go for it !






Prize Pins Banner 2








Calepino Notebook is a French Company specialized in notebook and pen production.

All started 5 years ago when Fabrice Richard decided to start producing notebooks that he used to see in his Father workshop.

As he say : “Inspired by the notebook that I found in my fathers workshop, Calepino was born with the dream of making a new French memo book with a cover made entirely from cardboard. Small, resistant notebooks, pocket-books, note-pads and travel journals which you can slip into any pocket or bag”.

All the Calepino products are Made in France !

You can find them here.

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