The last time we were in Tel Aviv, that’s mean nine years ago, there wasn’t lots of bicycles in the streets and the only riders were kind of Kamikaze as it was so dangerous to ride there (Israelis are driving like crazy).

Almost ten years later, things have changed, you have city renting bikes parks all over, you have bicycles lanes and you see people cycling everywhere (although Israeli still drives like crazy)….

In this context we found a new Israeli bicycles Brand : Daus Cycles.

Located in Tel Aviv, they are building really cool fixies.

They haven’t invented the wheel but that are making them with high quality components and they look Great !








While walking to Merci store in Paris I found myself in front of a beautiful motorcycle : La Corona !

Corona Motorcycles was born some years ago from the desire to ride
bike differently.

Corona is dedicated to total or partial processing and customizing motorcycles.

Re inventing aesthetics motorcycle series, whatever their style or year
engine, they focus on the identity of each frame as a personal piece for its owner.

As daily bike users, they strive to ensure that them work is efficient for both day to day and to use sporadic, applying the latest technology to achieve a more secure and comfortable finish on the bikes.

For Corona, image is important, but the feeling that produces the bike
to steer is even more…

I was interested to buy one so I have contacted them and they are really cool and above all the bikes aren’t so expensive…..

Located in Cardiff, Taimoshan Cycle Works was established by John Pellew, a lover of motor cycles and of design applied to such vehicles.

Born in the beginning of 2013, Taimoshan Cycle Works immediately became renowned for the style it created, its vintage elegance and innovative technology.

Drawing on the past but looking to the future, the style of its creations draws inspiration on the past but looks to the future, and is linked to steam-punk aesthetics in that it is essential, emphasises the mechanical parts, and greatly reduces the bodywork.

The strength of our age merged with the grit of old school in a product wich, by its very nature, surpasses the concepts of time and space.