Not so long ago we have found Empire Apothecary.

Empire Apothecary was founded by Zac Mallard.

One day, while being at the barber, he found himself in the seat of the barber’s chair, the end of the ritual in sight, when the barber asked that familiar question we’ve all had to answer – Would you like a little product?

Thinking nothing of it,  he gave the thumbs up and promptly disappeared into a cloud of hair spray before reemerging, gasping for enough air to thank his barber and ask how much he owed.

It was shortly thereafter, walking to the subway high on aerosol fumes, when Zac had a moment of clarity:

Why do we put things ON our bodies that we would never want IN our bodies?

He scanned the aisles of the first few stores he passed, overwhelmed by the number of products that contained unnecessary synthetics and chemicals like petroleum, and it was then and there that Empire Apothecary was born.

From the kitchen of his NYC apartment, the first batch of Traditional Pomade was created, complete with hand-stamped paper labels. What started as a hobby soon turned into a full-time business, expanding to offer a full range of unisex grooming products and premium soy wax candles.

The products are great (we love the candles) but above all, they have teamed up with Loren Denim to create a limited run of candles colored with organic indigo !!!!!

A dream for Denim Heads like us !

We hope to carry them very soon.








Back in 2006, we were in New York and I bought in the Meat Packing LVC store some incense from Juniper Ridge.

Two days ago I found the incense somewhere in my office where I forgot they was.

After lightning one of them I was totally subjugate by the smell !

So I think they deserve a Post !

Just try to imagine the real smell of Nature, wood, mushrooms, plants, ….

That’s what Juniper Ridge is all about.

No synthetic fragrances, no chemicals, only real plants extracts !

When you buy a Juniper Ridge product you will find an harvest number stamped on it, this number can be found on them website where they will show you the plants they have used for your product and the extraction techniques.

All Juniper Ridge products are 100% Wildcrafted and produced using old perfume making techniques including distillation, tincturing, infusion and enfleurage.

A hundred years ago, all perfumes were made this way. Today they are the only ones who handle every step of the process themselves, from beginning to end.

So if you think of buying new products for your body or your home, there’s just one direction : Juniper Ridge.












For more then 10 years I have used Khiel’s products for my skin.

During all those years I was following Aésop development but never bought Aésop products.

Some times ago, I started to have enough of Khiel’s products.
Too many shops, too many marketing, and to be honest I’m not a big L’Oréal fan…

So I started to buy Aésop products
And I think I should have bought those products long time ago…
No animals testing, no parbene, the packaging is nice and the products are great.

Not long time ago, they have launch a small Travel Kit that is just perfect !
Small enough to carry it in your hand luggage, this Travel Kit contain a shampoo, an after-shampoo, a body wash and a body lotion.

Great products to take with you everywhere.


Aesop Jet Set Kit -0-480x337jet_set_kit_2