Ok, I love tatoos….

So when I was at the Who’s Next Fair in Paris, I just found a product that each tatoo Guy (or Girl) should have in his (her) bathroom : The Derm Ink products.

Derm Ink was created in France by some Guys who believes that you have to take care of your tatoos if you want them to stay clean and beautiful as the first day you made them.

They have a line of skincare that is all made in France with ingredients that were selected especially to protect your tatoos.

Guys, those products aren’t a “Sisi thing” and you can buy them blind !




L:A Bruket (Lilla Bruket) is a organic skincare brand run by Monica and Mats (wife and husband).

Here’s what they say about the brand and the products :

The hand made soaps and spa products from L:a Bruket are manufactured in Varberg, Sweden. The ceramic and soap workshop is located next door to the old castle, the bath and the eighteen-century society club.


The ingredients and raw materials are almost all certified ecological and artificial substances are rarely added. This is to make sure that all herbs, vegetable and essential oils blend together in a natural way preserving their natural characteristics. All soap and oils bases are developed as a balance between different vegetable and essential oils and herbs depending on which qualities of the plants they want to bring forward: energizing, moisturising, softening, healing, scrubbing etc.

When developing them range the ambition has been that all different products should be used for a certain purpose, have a certain function and be beautiful.


Them style is a bit rough and rustic mixed with a romantic touch and them work could be described as generous. As a result of that the products are loaded with all them favourite ingredients. They smell and feel more than most and are best described as true, rustic, romantic and generous luxury.


Try the sage, rosemary and lavender hand cream.

When I saw those soaps for the first time I’ve immediately thought about Louis de Funès movie “Le Petit Baigneur”.

But when founder Fabien Meaudre launch his soaps line, he didn’t thought about de Funès movie.

The name is inspired by depictions of the male form in Cézanne and Matisse paintings.la-baigneur-soap-savon-france-3

For Fabien, these leisurely moments represent “a sense of freedom, simplicity, and beauty”.

All the soaps are handmade in Corrèze (France).

Agrandir le plan

They are made from organics ingredients, free of added colour or perfume.

A nice and useful product to have in your bathroom.