While staying at the Casa Mae Hotel in The Algarves, we found the Mishmash stationery Brand.
Mishmash is an office supply brand that was born from the nostalgia of its founder. The inspiration came from her grandfather’s old stationery store, where all of her childhood, she was surrounded by the smell of paper. From an old love story to lost pieces of paper and vintage envelopes, mishmash came along to change the world of stationery by giving design enthusiasts the unique products they have always wanted.
As a consequence of years of research and knowledge of editorial design, mishmash aims to fill a gap in the exploration of concepts related to stationery. With limitless innovation in a stagnant market, Mishmash always try to trigger the creativity in every soulful mind.
The Mishmash collection isn’t about bringing back to live old note books or other.
Mishmash use the same approach to the note books that old companies had 100 years ago but with an eye on today demands and design.
Very soon online.

At Supra-Quintessence, we love vintage watches, so when we have learned about Baltic Watches, we were positively surprised.

Baltic Watches in a new vintage inspired watches company.

Baltic Watches is a family of watch connoisseurs with a passion for traditional craftsmanship. They believe the most timeless and desirable watches are often the simplest however, it seems many modern watch brands add unnecessary complexity to their designs.

For this reason we decided to create Baltic Watches. They want to focus on a more authentic approach, bringing together the purest watchmaking techniques to create a vintage-inspired timepiece for your wrist.

The results are neo-vintage, 1940’s-style watches with mechanical movements and well-proportioned cases inspired by the traditional Step Case watch (recognisable by its distinctive ridge or step surrounding the hesalite glass).

A negative point is that most of the Baltic Watches movements are Made in China. We are sure that those movements aren’t bad but if you already assembling all the watches in France, why not buying Swiss movements ?

For sure the watches would have been more expensive, but on the other hand, people agree to pay more for real quality….

Baltic Watches are for the moment on Kickstarter.







We don’t like when an hotel calls itself “Boutique Hotel”, it’s kind of “passé” and “fake”.

But regarding Furadouro Hotel, let’s just forget about this taste mistake about the name and concentrate about the hotel itself….

Enjoying a spectacular location on the sea-front at Furadouro beach, Furadouro Hotel offers exclusive accommodation in a matchless ocean-view setting.

Standing just five kilometres from the charming old town of Ovar, Furadouro Hotel is ideal for the ones who want to mix luxury/modern stay and surfing the Atlantic coast.

Guests can step straight out onto the seemingly endless sands of the Furadouro beach and have a great surfing day before coming back to the hotel and enjoying the Hotel Spa.

The hotel’s fine restaurant, the “Cardo”, serves delicious menus based on Mediterranean flavours and traditional Portuguese cuisine, with the accent on the finest local, seasonal produce. The restaurant offer magnificent views of the Atlantic ocean (we never get tired of this views)…..