While being at Firenze for the Pitti, I’ve decided to go out of town as Firenze was crowd (Pitti visitors and regular tourists).
Firenze is one of my favorite cities but not during Pitti time….

So I’ve decided to book a hotel in Empoli (30 minutes drive from Firenze).

Hall Hotel is located in the very heart of Empoli.
The Hotel was just open two months ago and what a surprise !
The owner have made such a calm and beautiful place (she’s an interior designer) that you want to stay in much longer…

The Owner welcome you with a Beautiful smile while she explain you the way she have renovated this old house.

Again, that’s the kind of place that you don’t want to share and just keep for yourself…


Perhaps some of you knew it; more than 90% of the incense that is sold is carcinogenic !

So when buying incence, you have to be very careful.

One of the only incence who isn’t carcinogenic is the one made in Mount Athos Monasteries.
If you don’t like this kind of “Church” smell, we suggest you to check LISN line.

Lisn is one of the oldest Japanese incense producer.
All Lisn incense are made with natural products and essential oils.
Of course, they aren’t carcinogenic.

They have a huge selection of Japanese flowers smells.

We especially like the original scent.

Located in Cardiff, Taimoshan Cycle Works was established by John Pellew, a lover of motor cycles and of design applied to such vehicles.

Born in the beginning of 2013, Taimoshan Cycle Works immediately became renowned for the style it created, its vintage elegance and innovative technology.

Drawing on the past but looking to the future, the style of its creations draws inspiration on the past but looks to the future, and is linked to steam-punk aesthetics in that it is essential, emphasises the mechanical parts, and greatly reduces the bodywork.

The strength of our age merged with the grit of old school in a product wich, by its very nature, surpasses the concepts of time and space.