We didn’t ask the Owner why he have call his Brand ” Maison Cornichon” (and we are sure there’s a good reason) but what a strange name for a Clothing Company “Maison Cornichon” !

On the other hand, what a Nice Concept !

Just take a simple idea, a simple piece of the wardrobe (the tee) and create something Great out of it. That’s what the Guys at Maison Cornichon have done, they decided to produce regular tees but Made in France on old 50′ machines with French fabrics made on old shuttle loom machines !!!!

The result is has we could expect it, nice fits (Classic & Heritage) made from top quality fabrics (one by one rib, natural cotton, extra heavy jersey).

The name of the Brand don’t take itself too seriously but the Products are SERIOUSLY of HIGH QUALITY !


Soon in store & online…..



When Molehill Goods Owner decided to launch his Brand, the original idea was simple: the product should live with the owner, becoming a record of the passing time and of the experiences.

At Molehill Goods, they believe that items of excellent quality should last for life. And life is a process of constant discovery.

Molehill inspires you to experience life anew. The natural, the wild and the raw become part of the everyday. Adventure becomes synonymous with lifestyle.

With the goal of maintaining the formal simplicity, they started creating them products by choosing the most appropriate, natural materials. They refer to the basic needs and they focus on craftsmanship. They know that the more thought, effort and time is put into the creation of an item, the closer to perfection the results are, and the closer to perfection the final product is. They are constantly discovering better ways, striving for the best.

Them emphasis is on precision, which affects the aesthetics and durability of items. Using the potential of local artisans, they turn to the traditional values of craftsmanship.

They go back to the roots.






Barcelona is one of Europe’s most visited City.

When you’re planning to visite Barcelona, the hotels offer is huge. Depending on your budget, style, location, you will always find a hotel that fits you best.

So last year, when a Friend told us that we should visite the new Casa Bonay Hotel we weren’t so enthousiastic (another new hotel in Barcelona…..).

But we did it and we were very suprised and yes, Barcelona needed this kind of hotel !

Casa Bonay was founded by some partners. One of them, Ines Miro-Sans use to work for the Ace Hotel for some years. And you can feel it when you enter the Casa Bonay Hotel.

Casa Bonay isn’t a “hotel” as we can imagine, it’s a Project created by some partners that wanted to involve the visitors in the Project.

When staying at the Casa Bonay there’s always lots of things going on, you are always part of something, you feel you belong to the Project, to the athmospher, and you feel Great !!!

The Hotel itself is just Perfect, the Bar, the restaurant (you think you are in New York while eating asian food), the 24h shop, and the rooms, they are wonderful. All decorated by Marc Morro and they have that typical Barcelona atmosphere. The tiles on the floor, the terrace and the view of the city and the old panelled doors opening to your own private patio. There’s a yoga mat in your room if you want to start your day with a sun salutation and the hand soap made by a woman from Emporda smells very good.

So, next time you’re thinking of visiting Barcelona, just book at Casa Bonay !