At Supra-Quintessence we love travelling. So as it’s summer time, we have decided to share with you some of our favorite cities, addresses.


A bomb shelter in 1942 playing the arty bunkers. A huge building that look very GDR (the Palast der Republik) that was destroy to rebuild the baroque castle of the Hohenzollern Royal Family. A beautiful Bauhaus building that was a Jewish store, the former headquarters of the Hitler Youth and the former archives of the Communist Party, which has been converted to a super exclusive hotel (Soho House) ….
The Berlin of the 2010s is changing, juggling with different “strata” of the History.

But has Berlin wasn’t always the “biggest construction site in Europe”?
“When a new building emerges in London or Paris, it is often a story, say architects Judith Haase and Pierre Jorge Gonzalez, founder of AAS Berlin office.
“Not here, where it always had to be built;”

Berlin, the martyr city that was in ashes after the Allies destroied it.
East Berlin, which after the war was covered with strict monumental buildings.
West Berlin, dotted with buildings icons such as Neue Nationalgalerie of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or the Memorial Church of Egon Eiermann.
Reunified Berlin finally bristling, after his fallen wall, glass offices, taking late in its role of capital …

No wonder that this city in perpetual reinvention has always magnetized soft rebels.
In the 70s, it was David Bowie.
In the 90s, creative young armadas.
Artists, performers, designers, DJs and even the four at a time, they invested wasteland, HLM and dormant factories, inventing more freeform than elsewhere, partying on electro music for days and nights.
From that time the stylist Anuschka Hoevener keeps exciting memories. “Although Berlin was a huge construction site, there was not enough money to renovate everything Then people opened illegal nightclubs, transformed the spaces into workshops, showrooms, galleries, … A full period of opportunity! Even today, Berlin remains ideal for imagining temporary places, pop-up stores and other initiatives that do not require huge resources. “

For among all the European capitals, Berlin remains the most affordable ….

Berlin is a city that deserve to be visited by bicycle or by walk. As it’s a big city, choose an area that you want to visit, and when you get there, grab a bike or walk.



1.Das Stue : this hotel is located in the building that hosted for a long time the Danish ambassy.  The interior design was given to Patricia Urquiola that warmed up the place with hot colors and crocodile heads in the entrance. If you’re searching for a Chic hotel, that’s the one.

2. Michelberger : in France they had a singer named Michel Berger, but there’s nothing to do with it. Here, we talked about Tom Michelberger, a young guy who have built this hotel at his image : young and fun. You will find vintage furniture all over the hotel. Some times you have rock bands playing at the lobby. A trendy place located in the “Party Center” of Friedrichshain.

3. Nhow : wear sunglasses before getting inside the hotel. The colors are pop and flashy but once you get into your room you have a beautiful view on the Spree river.

4. 25 Hours : Ku’damm area is changing and the arrival of the 25 Hours is a good sign for Ku’damm rehabilitation. The lobby is built with plants and very confortable sofas. We eat on the terasse that have a beautiful view on the zoo and in the rooms, you won’t find an hanging sign with “Do not disturbe” but another with “Leave the aspirines on the floor and go away”….. A very very trendy hotel !

5. Lux 11 : One of our favorite for the location. Located in the Mitte, near lots of very nice restaurants, bars and shops, the Lux 11 was the Stasi headquarter long time ago…. Today, the hotel is very minimalistic but we love the location and the suits 317 or 417 that are very spacious, all white, with a nice view on the TV Tower.



1.Dottir : This place was abandoned for years.
Today, after a beautiful renovation, decoration is made with 30’s furniture and contemporary paintings.
It’s Victoria Eliasdottir, the sister of the artist Olafur Eliasson who is the boss.
It’s THE Scandinavian restaurant in Berlin.

2. Westberlin : the hype bars in Berlin cultivate the taste of the latte macchiato and impeccable sandwiches. This is especially true here, where without friction, families seats near lost tourists (Checkpoint Charlie isn’t far away) and freelance working on their Mac.                                                           We could work there or just hang out for a whole afternoon

3. Neni : From the outside, we can read on a neon sticked to the window “Life is beautiful”.
And on the tenth floor, the view is indeed Beautiful !
The decoration amazes with the greenhouse placed in the middle of the room and the “minipotager” exploding in a corner.
Neni concocts “chaotic” and eclectic plates where the Moroccan flavors, Israeli, Russian and Turkish are happily mixed.
The restaurant is located on the top floor of the 25 Hours.

4. Pauly Saal : An arty cluster as only in Berlin we can find.
The former Jewish girls’ school now hosts contemporary art galleries and Pauly Saal, serving German classics in a very refined 20’s décor with a V2 rocket scale 1 display at the hall.
The good adress…



  • Bikini.
  • Ulrich Fiedler.
  • Fischer & Trierweiler.
  • Gestalten.
  • Original in Berlin.
  • Andreas Murkudis.
  • DepartmentStore.
  • The Corner West.
  • Baerck.
  • 14oz.
  • Wood Wood.
  • Firmament.











If you are preparing your summer holidays I would suggest you to have a look at the Ozadi Heart & Soul Tavira Hotel in Portugal.

The hotel is located 30 minutes from Faro Airport and only 5 minutes drive from Tavira beach.

The hotel open it’s doors one year ago and worth the stay.
The design of the hotel is very nice, the rooms are big and well decorated and the staff is very friendly.
Most of all, the restaurant is great (which is not always the case in hotels) !!!

The only “minor” point is that the hotel face the National road, so when booking just ask to have a room facing the back of the hotel.
On the other way, the location is great as you are 5 minutes drive from Tavira beach and 5 minutes drive from Cabanas beach.
Both of them are beautiful and worth the visit (for nature lovers and for surfers).

In Tavira you will find a small restaurant “Bistro o Porto” that will complete your perfect stay 🙂

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If you’re in Brooklyn or in Paris, or if you’re going to be there soon, there’s a spot you can’t miss, the MOB restaurant.

MOB, Maïmonide of Brooklyn, was created by Cyril Aouizerate, one of Mama Shelter founders. The aim was to create a real American Dinner restaurant but with Maïmonide (well-known scientist of the 12th Century) philosophy :

the first step to change our way of living and change the World, it’s to change our eating habits“.

MOB is a real American Dinner restaurant but in a veggy way and only made with naturals ingredients. You can find there your burgers (but made from mushrooms), your cheesecake (made with organic milk) and all the other stuff you can find in this kind of restaurant.

The design is very cool and the food tast great.