We are very excited to announce the future launch of our first Supra-Quintessence Collection.

For more than two years, we have travelled, met great people, learned, designed, with the goal to create our 01 Collection.

We had the desire to create clothes for our friends, the people who motivate us to do what we do. As designers, photographers, authors, and creators, they inspire us with their passion and work.

We designed our 01 Collection to fit into their lives by creating garments that are refined, hard-working and stylish.

The collection is made from timeless pieces that each one of us have, or should have in his wardrobe.

In 2001 we started to have a “Love Affaire” with Japan Culture.

Since then, we have a deep connection to the Culture and People of Japan. As a manifestation of this relationship and respect for Japan, our 01 Collection garments are constructed of only Japanese fabrics.

The Collection is entirely Made in Europe in very small Ateliers were Artisans took a very special care of our Products.

The 01 Collection will be available online as from September 01st.








Lewis Leather was created in 1892 by David Isaacs.

At the beginning it was a Tailoring and Outfitters shop located at 124 Great Portland street in London.

Some years later D Lewis begins making protective clothing for the Gentleman auto sports of Flying and Motoring.

In 1930 the Company introduces Aviakit, a line dedicated to aviation clothing.

They become Contractors to many Governments throughout the world.

In the 60’s with interest in motorcycling gaining more & more popularity, Lewis continue to expand the motorcycling line and become specialized in motorcycling jackets.

59 Club pt 1

LEWIS LEATHERS | Myspace Video

In the 70’s Lewis is at his peak and have 6 shops in the UK.

But because of the Lewis competitors, more specialized in technical motorcycles jackets, in 1985 all the Lewis shop had closed.

Lewis remains a small made to order leather jackets company.


Things started to change when the company was bought in 2003 by Derek Harris.

He was working for a Japanese company and understood very early the potential of Lewis Heritage.

Today, if you want to buy a good leather jacket, among brands like Aero Leather, Cockpit, Schott and others, Lewis Leather  stay a good choice.

lewis leather aviakit jacket 1940


Baracuta was founded near Manchester in 1937 by brothers John and Isaac Miller.

The created a short jacket named the G9 (also called the Harrington Jacket).


The G9 became very popular due to stars like Elvis Presley, who wore it in his 1958 movie Kid Creole and Steve McQueen and James Dean in the 60’s.


In 2012 WP Lavori in Corso bought the global licensing rights.

They have launch back the classic collection and a more high end one called Blue Label.

For the Blue Label they choose Kenichi Kusano as Designer.

For the ones of you who don’t know Kusano, we used to be the creative director for Beams Plus.

He is a real encyclopedia when it’s about american and european fabrics and fashion.

When you see the collection that he have design, you understand the skill that he have on army and work wear.

baracuta-blue-label-0 baracuta-blue-label1 baracuta-blue-label-2 baracuta-blue-label-3

A nice product with a nice heritage and Made in Italy : perfect !