Perhaps some of you knew it; more than 90% of the incense that is sold is carcinogenic !

So when buying incence, you have to be very careful.

One of the only incence who isn’t carcinogenic is the one made in Mount Athos Monasteries.
If you don’t like this kind of “Church” smell, we suggest you to check LISN line.

Lisn is one of the oldest Japanese incense producer.
All Lisn incense are made with natural products and essential oils.
Of course, they aren’t carcinogenic.

They have a huge selection of Japanese flowers smells.

We especially like the original scent.

Ichiro Nakatsu created OrSlow in 2005. Orslow is a vintage orientated denim brand design and produced in Japan.

As he says “The Brand focused on designing clothes slowly, carefully”.

For Ichiro, the word “Slowly” means :

  • Crafting original clothes carefully.
  • Creating clothes that are adaptable to different styles of different times.
  • Presenting the antithesis of a fast-moving modern society and fashion industry and slowing it down.

When you see Orslow pieces you have this kind of feeling that you have seen those pieces before and that some of them always were in your wardrobe.

Just Perfect !


Does someone of you knows what’s the Udon ?

Udon is a traditional Japanese noodle, made from flour, water and salt. More prevalent in the south-western Japan, Udon is usually served in a hot soup made from vegetable broth, pork, poultry or fish. There are also dishes Udons cold as Zaru Udon, served on a bamboo mat that is dipped in soy sauce.
The funny thing about the Udon, is that the paste is prepared with the feet…

Those Udon are served at Kunitoraya Paris.
The restaurant is a great spot located at rue Villedo (opposite Kitsuné shop).
The food is great and the staff is very friendly.

Go and enjoy 🙂