Amatorski is an electro-pop Belgian Band.

They started making music in 2010. One of them single, Come Home, became very fast a world hit.

In 2012 they have sign a contract with Crammed Discs, which will be the prelude of a worldwide distribution of Amatorski’s work.

Listen to TBC album and you will find inspiration surfing between Sigur Ros and Portishead. Cool Music !

It’s now a long time that my Friend, Alexander, have converted me to Etsy.

You can find great stuff on this website and soon I will write about some of the greatest things I found there.

But in the mean time, here’s a great Etsy find : the Audiowood Chirp Bamboo Turntable.

Joel Scilley has a big passion about good sound and sustainability.

So to combine both passions, he decided to launch a audio line that combine great design and using as less as possible energy.

His turntable his made from a bamboo box and high tech mechanism for a real pure sound.

As everything is made by hand in Florida by Joel himself, if you order the turntable you could have a waiting time of two month before you get it.

But for this kind of product, it worth waiting.


But from what is made this « World of tomorrow », new electro project from Jean-Benoit Dunckel (co-founder of Air) ?

Tomorrow’s World is the result of a meeting between Jean-Benoit and Lou Hayter (singer of the New Young Pony Club band).

The songs are electro but make the perfect soundtrack for a thriller inspired from Hitchcock.

The song “Pleurer et Chanter” remind the hit “Cherry Blossom Girl” from Air but the rhythms are also going faster with the song “Drive” and take a krautrock direction.

It’s the kind of album that you listen to alone while imagining the movie going with it.