It was while reading an old LIFE magazine from 1940 that I found this old advertisement for the Graflex Speed Graphic.

The Speed Graphic Was The dominant Portable professional camera from the 1930’s through the end of the 1950’s. It is no longer manufactured since 1973.

This is the camera of the Second World War … And the camera of most American journalists for over 20 years.
An iconic piece in the history of photography. And a beautiful instrument! That looks a bit complicated in appearance, but is very simple to use.

The version presented in the advertising is the  “Anniversary” version, for 50 years of the brand in 1940. This version is equipped with a Kodak lens.

Graflex Speed Graphic 1940 Anniversary- Camera - Old Ad

All the “Objects from the past” …

After the Ericsson phone model DBH15 of 1947, this is a new object from the past that I would like you to discover. A rare and unique Hand made little cigarette box dispensor for non-filter cigs.

I bought this strange object on Etsy. At Whiskey Creek Cottage, Portland. The shop of Dawnette & Cindy. Two sisters married to two brothers, passionate about vintage objects.

Dating from the 1930s and handmade in Japan, this beautiful object sits proudly on my coffee table. And I use it regularly … . The mechanism works very well, and although it is tedious to roll all my cigarettes in advance … What a pleasure to raise the roof of the cottage and make a cigarette out of the chimney …

Objects have a soul.

And with nostalgia for a past that I have not lived, I spit my cigarette smoke … wondering how many people before me have been killed by this cute little house …


Designed in Sweden in 1947, attributed to Gerard Kiljan. These specimens were made in Brazil in the 1960s. The cream one is made of Plaskon and the black is Bakelite, two of the noblest plastics.