Art + Skateboards + Naked Girls = The S Projekt

When we found The S Projekt, we immediately thought “that’s for us”…..

All what we love under one Project !

The Guys from The S Projekt created a Concept based on the skateboards decks.

They created an Art Edition Company where they edit photographers (working with nude models) on skateboards.

All the decks are edited in Limited Edition, each one numbered by hand and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

We really like the concept as they are editing well known photographers, established photographers and up-coming photographers.

Each two month, they launch a new edition of twelve decks.

Check it here.

New York based Fashion and lifestyle photographer Kava Gorna understands the allure of beautiful butts.

When seeing her work you can see that she got a really obsession for vintage denim and women butts…

A while ago she released a book, “100 Cheeks,” where she pays homage to her obsessions….

Most of Gorna Work appear mostly without retouching. There’s a diversity of body types present, and sensuality envelops them all.

Audrey Effy is a 22 year old French model.

She’s living in Belgium but she’s coming from Bretagne.

She’s 85/59/86……just pefect.

After studying optics she decided to try to become a model and we think she did the right choice !

She was quite shy and the model job give her the strenght to overpass this fear.

You can follow her on Instagram Audrey_Effi or visite her webpage :