Mr. Ice Cream isn’t a new ice cream product, it’s a photographer.

Behind Mr. Ice Cream name you have a German photographer named Stefan.

Stefan (or Mr. Ice Cream) World is made of sexuality and art.

All Mr. Ice Cream work is based on one philosophy : “Nothing is more powerful than sexual feelings and no money in the world can replace this”.

So you understand it, Mr. Ice Cream Work is very sexy and sensual but never rude or porn !

The Girls he shoot are beautiful and you can, most of the time, find the same DNA in his pictures : the pictures are taken inside a room with very white walls and some decoration and the Girls have always this kind of “orange” skin. That gives a kind of very warm and sexy feeling to the pictures.

Sometimes he is even part of the pictures, as a sign of being part of this sensual World and that’s make him the Hero of his Work.

So check his website and have fun following his adventures !


Audrey Effy is a 22 year old French model.

She’s living in Belgium but she’s coming from Bretagne.

She’s 85/59/86……just pefect.

After studying optics she decided to try to become a model and we think she did the right choice !

She was quite shy and the model job give her the strenght to overpass this fear.

You can follow her on Instagram Audrey_Effi or visite her webpage :









You love books, you love Art, you love nice looking girls (a little undressed)….

So you will love Imperial Pictures Publishing !

Imperial Publishing is an fine art photo book publisher specialized in limited edition collectible artist editions.

All of the books are printed in the USA using the finest quality printing available with a traditional Heidelberg Sheetfed press.

No digital printing bullshit !

All the books are printed in short run editions

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