While staying at the Casa Mae Hotel in The Algarves, we found the Mishmash stationery Brand.
Mishmash is an office supply brand that was born from the nostalgia of its founder. The inspiration came from her grandfather’s old stationery store, where all of her childhood, she was surrounded by the smell of paper. From an old love story to lost pieces of paper and vintage envelopes, mishmash came along to change the world of stationery by giving design enthusiasts the unique products they have always wanted.
As a consequence of years of research and knowledge of editorial design, mishmash aims to fill a gap in the exploration of concepts related to stationery. With limitless innovation in a stagnant market, Mishmash always try to trigger the creativity in every soulful mind.
The Mishmash collection isn’t about bringing back to live old note books or other.
Mishmash use the same approach to the note books that old companies had 100 years ago but with an eye on today demands and design.
Very soon online.

Dawson Denim is the result of 20 years experience working with Denim. Created by Kelly Dawson and Scott Ogden, they produce all the products by themselves in them workshop in Brighton on the South Coast of England.

They have started the Brand in 2012 with the goal to create a collection of denim workwear inspired from the Past but with today improvements.

The Brand is really creating beautiful pieces that will last long in your wardrobe.

We especially love the Deck Pants.
A Pants  inspired by the trousers worn by the US Navy from the 1930’s to the 1940’s. The Pants is made from a 10 oz indigo dyed neppy selvedge, a copy of a pre 1930’s quality – Woven on Japanese Imamura looms developed in the 1920’s.
Have a look here.

While being in New York in 2011, we were shopping at the Meatpacking LVC Store.

We bought some Denim but we also bought some candles; the LVC Store had a very nice selection of Scents of Land candles.

By then we didn’t knew the Brand but when we smelt the candles, we were conquered.

Scents of Land was established in 2009.

They are really providing the highest quality products using only the finest ingredients.

Each product is handmade with 100% natural ingredients at them New York atelier, where they carefully blend natural fragrance and pure essential oils.

Light a candle, close your eyes, you are in front of the Ocean at Big Sur or in the Nevada Desert or somewhere else, but you are travellin’……..