When I was 9 year old (in 1980) we moved to a sunny Country and settle down 10 meters from the Mediterranean Sea.

For me it was a big smash in the face.

Passing from a cold rainy and boring country to a kids Paradis sunny country.

As living in front of the sea, I was each afternoon at the sea learning to surf.

Very fast I discovered all the surf and skate brands that were part of our univers; Ocean Pacific, Gordon & Smith, Lightning Bolt, Town & Country and all the others.

One day a Friend came back with a tee that surprise all of us : a copy of the Chanel logo with two S back to back : Stussy was born !!!

Shawn Stussy was a Californian shaper that decided to launch a small surf orientated tee brand.

s double studio shawn stussy

The rest is history.

What a surprise when I learned that Shawn have launch a new label “S/Double Studio”.

It’s like Back to the Future !

But when I saw the result : Bravo !

Shawn have team up with the Best producer in each category to produce each piece of the collection.

The shoes are made by Mark McNairy, the Varsity Jacket is made by Dehen, the shirts are made by the New England Shirt Co. and they have made a jeans using a twenty year dead stock Japanese selvage fabric !

The concept is great : 30 years ago we wanted surf/street brands.

Today we want “authentic” great quality clothing with references to the Past.

That’s what S/Double Studio is about, giving to yesterday kids today quality.

Good Luck Mr. Stussy !

Ten pin bowling, much in the same as golf, can be at one minute incredibly rewarding (read – you got a strike) and the next frustrating in the extreme (read – you inexplicably managed to get a gutter-ball in an adjacent lane). However, bowling, like any sport, can be mastered. It just takes a little know-how and a lot of practice!

So, if you want to become king of the lanes and bowl that perfect game – then consider the 5 top tips that we’ve got below:

Bowling Tip #1 – Slide & Glide

A tip much in the same vein of the advice distributed by the glorious sportsman, Ricky Bobby, of “shake ‘n’ bake”, you should slide ‘n’ glide when you’re 10 pin bowling as this will help you to teach those pesky pins a thing or two about gravity. What we mean by this is that your bowling shoes, as you’re probably aware, have slippy soles that allow you to slide into your bowl and generate extra power – just make sure you slide with the foot opposite to the hand that your bowl from.

Bowling Tip #2 – Choose the Right Ball

You should be as picky with your bowling ball as you are with you choice of bowling shirt (everyone wears bowling shirts when they play right)? But seriously, the choice of ball will make all the difference to the likelihood of you achieving bowling greatness! A Goldilocks analogy is probably the best way of explaining the ball-picking procedure. Don’t choose a ball which is too light because this will be difficult to control and, conversely don’t pick a ball too heavy for you because you won’t be able to generate enough momentum to know down the pins.

Bowling Tip #3 – Tunnel that Vision

It may seem like an obvious point but when you are ten pin bowling, you need to CONCENTRATE! Obviously, it is easy to get distracted with all that is going on at the lanes but channel all this out and find your happy place and you’re sure to send those pins a tumbling! Focus on the pins throughout your run up and don’t take your eyes off them until they’ve all dropped (or some of them at least. Hopefully).

Bowling Tip #4 – Be Light on your Feet

Bowling is like ballet. Not strictly speaking true, in any sense, but you do need to be light on your feet as you approach your run up and don’t just stomp down the lane and propel your ball with all the grace of a Neanderthal. No, no, that wouldn’t do at all. Instead, take small, graceful steps before the all-important swing of your arm and ensure that your hips and shoulders are square on to the pins because this will give you the added degree of accuracy that you crave.

Bowling Tip #5 – Dress to Impress

A lot of bowling is about looking the part – take a look at Jesus from the Big Lebowski at the top of this article – do you think he would be such a devilishly good bowler if it wasn’t for his, frankly amazing, bowling romper suit! You perhaps don’t have to go to such lengths when it comes to your bowling attire but taking a look at some of the bowling shirts out there will give your game that extra oomph when it needs it. Charlie Sheen style bowling shirts are always good – both on and off the bowling lane! For more information and men’s and ladies bowling shirts visit www.bowlingconcepts.com.

Sartoria Bagnoli was founded in Napoli by people who felt the need to produce today garments in the pure Napolitan Sartorial way.

All the Bagnoli products are hand made in Napoli.
Bagnoli is an hommage to a land that is pasionate for the good taste.

The fabrics they use are choosen for the qualities and the looks that will results after washing them and sewing them.

Bagnoli is the italian style and quality with the Sartorial Napolitan touch.

Sartoria Bagnoli - Napolitan Style

Sartoria Bagnoli - Napolitan Style

Sartoria Bagnoli - Napolitan Style

Sartoria Bagnoli - Napolitan Style

Sartoria Bagnoli - Napolitan Style