Yesterday, will being in Treviso I walk into Lazzari Store (one of my favorite).

I found a nice pair of Puma sneakers. It was a collaboration with Stampd LA.

I did knew Stampd but as I bought this pair of sneakers I was wondering what it’s all about.

I found a nice modern Brand with a sport / street wear twist.

The look is clean and the cuts looks great. I saw that they were making some surfboards (sold out) and a nice tops selection for men.

I’ve ordered online some stuff that I fund quite nice.

Let’s wait and see when it will be delivered 🙂


















The iconic model M990 have 30 year.

To celebrate this anniversary New Balance made a reedition called M990GRY.

This edition is made only of 990 pairs.

Made from grey color this edition is quite hard to find.

Two shops were selling it in Paris, Colette and Starcow but they are already out of stock…

I still miss that one in my collection but I’m trying hard to get it.

If someone know where I can find a 9,5 US size….:-)

Photos :

new-balance-fw12-990gry-2 new-balance-fw12-990gry-3 new-balance-fw12-990gry-4 new-balance-fw12-990gry-5

At the end of the 90’s all the Dr. Martens production was outsourced to Asia.

All the British Dr. Martens manufactures were closed.

Only remained open, a small unit located in Wollaston.

This 40 employees unit was there to craft samples.


Some times ago, the brand finaly decided to have it’s vintage lines and limited edition lines produced in Wollaston.

Originals models such as the 1460 and the 1461 amongst others are produced in Wollaston.

Just near the manufacture, they have open a small museum wich displays some collector pieces.




The fact of having a small part of the production (2%) Made in England is, of course, a marketing strategy, but on the other hand if people will follow those Made Europe products, the brands will, slowly but surely, go back to a bigger Made in Europe strategy !