The last time we were in Tel Aviv, that’s mean nine years ago, there wasn’t lots of bicycles in the streets and the only riders were kind of Kamikaze as it was so dangerous to ride there (Israelis are driving like crazy).

Almost ten years later, things have changed, you have city renting bikes parks all over, you have bicycles lanes and you see people cycling everywhere (although Israeli still drives like crazy)….

In this context we found a new Israeli bicycles Brand : Daus Cycles.

Located in Tel Aviv, they are building really cool fixies.

They haven’t invented the wheel but that are making them with high quality components and they look Great !








When we saw for the first time a Hunt Skateboard we were like “can we ride on that”….
And the answer was YES and in a great way !

Crafting from a young age, Alex Hunt; the founder of Hunt Skateboards always had a dream to make something for others to experience – The pure joy of skateboarding.

With years of skating, experimenting, testing and refining, in 2015 Alex developed a product into something of ideal balance.
This balance incorporates smooth and maximum agility, pure stability, high speed and the perfect ratio to create a super versatile board.

After solving these essential problems, the Hunt Skateboard was designed to appeal to the whole spectrum of skaters. The classic hard wood timber shape combined with a modern and colourful touch was developed so that anyone of any skill level, gender or age could flaunt their passion and interest for skateboarding.

Hunt is a Australian skateboards company but they ship Worldwide !
Have fun !












The Sk8Room : what a great concept !

You love skating, you are a Art lover ?

=> The Sk8Room is the answer !!!

Imagine the works of your favorite artists on skate decks, that’s what The Sk8Room is all about !

Andy Hope, Ai Weiwei, Araki, André, Paul McCarthy, and others….

The Sk8Room invites contemporary artists to interpret skate culture by creating art on skateboards.

The Sk8Room brings artists in contact with skate culture and its icons. They offer artists a new and different support for contemporary art.

I’m a skate deck collector and this kind of concept will ruin me….