Sophia Wallace (born 1978) is an American conceptual artist and photographer.
She is best known for her exhibit “CLITERACY”.

In 2012, Wallace has received international critical acclaim and viral exposure for CLITERACY, 100 NATURAL LAWS, “a project addressing citizenship and body sovereignty using the medium of text-based objects, unauthorized street installation, performance and sculptural forms.”
The project aims to “dismantle the taboos associated with female and feminized genitals.”

Since then, she’s selling what she call “warable Art” and we love it !






It’s been now two, three seasons that we see a comeback of French young brands/labels.

Brands like BWGH, Ami, Monsieur Lacenaire, La Panoplie and others are sold all over the World.

One of those new comers is Maison Labiche. Maison Labiche was founded in 2011 by two friends, Jenny and Marie.

The concept behind Maison Labiche is to create clothes that will last for long in terms of styles and quality.

The main product of the collection is hand embroidered tee Made in France.

We like “The Dude” one 🙂


Just another tee brand…

That’s what I thought when looking for the first time at a Pickwick and Weller tee.


But then, I just found out more about the brand and I was wrong….

All the Pickwick and Weller products are made in LA using only American grown cotton.

The cuts are perfect and the quality above all !

A very thing is the way they help you to find out your size and the model that will fit you.

Just go on their website, select some styles and colors, they will add some other styles and sizes and send you everything.


After receiving the parcel, you will have 5 days to try on and send them back what you don’t like or the tees that doesn’t fit you.

You will only be charge for what you keep.

A fitting room at home…..