While being in New York in 2011, we were shopping at the Meatpacking LVC Store.

We bought some Denim but we also bought some candles; the LVC Store had a very nice selection of Scents of Land candles.

By then we didn’t knew the Brand but when we smelt the candles, we were conquered.

Scents of Land was established in 2009.

They are really providing the highest quality products using only the finest ingredients.

Each product is handmade with 100% natural ingredients at them New York atelier, where they carefully blend natural fragrance and pure essential oils.

Light a candle, close your eyes, you are in front of the Ocean at Big Sur or in the Nevada Desert or somewhere else, but you are travellin’……..






There’s so much good Denim Brand coming up this last few years that it’s impossible to know all of them.

Here’s a good example : Loren Denim.

Loren Denim is a Denim Brand located in Brooklyn and as you have guess : specialized in Denim.

All have started with founder Loren Cronk who had open some years ago a denim repair shop in Brooklyn.

A few years later he decided to create his own jeans, the Loren Brand was born.

They have a few different lines : Loren, Blksmth and Soldier & Brave.

The one that interest us is Loren. Loren specializes in hand-crafted premium denim that is truly one-of-a-kind, from fabric to finish.

The design aesthetic subtly riffs on classic and vintage style, resulting in wearable and enduring pieces that are built for living in.

They are influenced by them neighborhood and are very proud to say that they are Made in Brooklyn !







Not so long ago we have found Empire Apothecary.

Empire Apothecary was founded by Zac Mallard.

One day, while being at the barber, he found himself in the seat of the barber’s chair, the end of the ritual in sight, when the barber asked that familiar question we’ve all had to answer – Would you like a little product?

Thinking nothing of it,  he gave the thumbs up and promptly disappeared into a cloud of hair spray before reemerging, gasping for enough air to thank his barber and ask how much he owed.

It was shortly thereafter, walking to the subway high on aerosol fumes, when Zac had a moment of clarity:

Why do we put things ON our bodies that we would never want IN our bodies?

He scanned the aisles of the first few stores he passed, overwhelmed by the number of products that contained unnecessary synthetics and chemicals like petroleum, and it was then and there that Empire Apothecary was born.

From the kitchen of his NYC apartment, the first batch of Traditional Pomade was created, complete with hand-stamped paper labels. What started as a hobby soon turned into a full-time business, expanding to offer a full range of unisex grooming products and premium soy wax candles.

The products are great (we love the candles) but above all, they have teamed up with Loren Denim to create a limited run of candles colored with organic indigo !!!!!

A dream for Denim Heads like us !

We hope to carry them very soon.