Amatorski is an electro-pop Belgian Band.

They started making music in 2010. One of them single, Come Home, became very fast a world hit.

In 2012 they have sign a contract with Crammed Discs, which will be the prelude of a worldwide distribution of Amatorski’s work.

Listen to TBC album and you will find inspiration surfing between Sigur Ros and Portishead. Cool Music !

When Adam Green and Binki Shapiro (top model and the singer of the Little Joy) decide to make a duo album together, both of them are just out of a relationship.

This state of mind gives a kind of country-pop, folk album full of romantic songs.

The album was written in New York and recorded in California.

The album follows the steps of Lee Hazelwood, the duo truth nightly, sweet and bucolic atmospheres quite nice and surprising.

A good choice for late summer nights chills.

Baracuta was founded near Manchester in 1937 by brothers John and Isaac Miller.

The created a short jacket named the G9 (also called the Harrington Jacket).


The G9 became very popular due to stars like Elvis Presley, who wore it in his 1958 movie Kid Creole and Steve McQueen and James Dean in the 60’s.


In 2012 WP Lavori in Corso bought the global licensing rights.

They have launch back the classic collection and a more high end one called Blue Label.

For the Blue Label they choose Kenichi Kusano as Designer.

For the ones of you who don’t know Kusano, we used to be the creative director for Beams Plus.

He is a real encyclopedia when it’s about american and european fabrics and fashion.

When you see the collection that he have design, you understand the skill that he have on army and work wear.

baracuta-blue-label-0 baracuta-blue-label1 baracuta-blue-label-2 baracuta-blue-label-3

A nice product with a nice heritage and Made in Italy : perfect !