At Supra-Quintessence, we love vintage watches, so when we have learned about Baltic Watches, we were positively surprised.

Baltic Watches in a new vintage inspired watches company.

Baltic Watches is a family of watch connoisseurs with a passion for traditional craftsmanship. They believe the most timeless and desirable watches are often the simplest however, it seems many modern watch brands add unnecessary complexity to their designs.

For this reason we decided to create Baltic Watches. They want to focus on a more authentic approach, bringing together the purest watchmaking techniques to create a vintage-inspired timepiece for your wrist.

The results are neo-vintage, 1940’s-style watches with mechanical movements and well-proportioned cases inspired by the traditional Step Case watch (recognisable by its distinctive ridge or step surrounding the hesalite glass).

A negative point is that most of the Baltic Watches movements are Made in China. We are sure that those movements aren’t bad but if you already assembling all the watches in France, why not buying Swiss movements ?

For sure the watches would have been more expensive, but on the other hand, people agree to pay more for real quality….

Baltic Watches are for the moment on Kickstarter.







When thinking about Detroit, we think about the glory of the Past and today disaster….

But today in Detroit, you have a new wave of young entrepreneurs who still believes in the glory of Detroit and want to put Detroit back on the map.

One of those companies is Shinola.
Shinola started as a made in Detroit bicycles company and very fast extended her offer to other made in USA stuffs.

They have surprised everybody when they came out with a line of wristwatches (Beautiful) !!!
All the watches have a “vintage” inspired look and are made in USA.

Today, they continue to extend the offer with a line of leather goods and stationery.

I LOVE this brand !



I’m a watch collector.

Not that I have lots of watches but some Rolex, IWC, Tudor, Panerai and others.

So when I found out the Suigeneric Bracelets on Need Supply, I was amazed !

Suigeneric is a young New York based company specialized in “Nato” straps.

There’s lots of companies who does Nato straps but the big difference with Suigeneric is the quality of the products and the designs.

They only use Premium cotton twill canvas that is hand waxed.

All the straps are hand sewn !

I wanted to buy some straps for my Panerai but didn’t found the right size on Need Supply so I contacted Suigeneric.

The answer was fast and VERY professional !

Guys, if you’re looking for a high quality and beautiful Nato strap, don’t hesitate !!!