Located in Cardiff, Taimoshan Cycle Works was established by John Pellew, a lover of motor cycles and of design applied to such vehicles.

Born in the beginning of 2013, Taimoshan Cycle Works immediately became renowned for the style it created, its vintage elegance and innovative technology.

Drawing on the past but looking to the future, the style of its creations draws inspiration on the past but looks to the future, and is linked to steam-punk aesthetics in that it is essential, emphasises the mechanical parts, and greatly reduces the bodywork.

The strength of our age merged with the grit of old school in a product wich, by its very nature, surpasses the concepts of time and space.

I never thought that one day I will make a post on H&M. I have no shame about it : I’m realy not a fan….

But when I found a post in a magazine writting about Brick Lane Bikes x H&M, I had to go and check it out. Well, the result isn’t disapointing at all !

The collection is made of 11 pieces (tees, parkas, pants, shorts).

The look is a mix of vintage and sports.

And above all, the pieces are made from organic cotton and/or recycle polyester.

I wanted the dark blue parka but my size was sold out….

Rider shirt Rider shirt Stretch blazer Shell jacket Shell jacket Stretch chino Cap Zipped crewneck Bike tee Rider shirt

Foffa Bikes is a Company founded in 2009 by Dani Foffa & Tyson Sadlo.

Based in London, this Company give you the opportunity to buy a bike and customize it from your sofa.

Everything can be choosen and customize from their website.

Among all the options, they have a great choice of Artworks to customize your frame.

In collaboration with some of the most talented designers and illustrators out there they offer a range of stickers for the ultimate frame customization.

High quality bikes with a great look !

Foffa Prima 2012 - Foffa bike london bike

Foffa Prima 2012 - Foffa bike london bike

Foffa Prima 2012 - Foffa bike london bike

Foffa Prima 2012 - Foffa bike london bike