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Paulino Spectales

August 27, 2013 | Leave a comment

Started in the 30’s, Paulino Spectacles was relaunched last September by grandson Ramiro Paulino Pereira.

Ramiro use all the Family knowledge to create a beautiful collection inspired from classic American History.

All the frames are 100% acetate and are handmade in Portugal.

He also started now with sunglasses collection which is as nice as the optical collection.

I’m a big frames lover and I can tell you that from the details that Ramiro puts in his frames to the quality of the frames : everything is well done.

Buying a pair is like owning a part of the past with today’s knowledge !


(french) Anniel scarpine da balletto italiane

November 30, 2012 | Leave a comment

A la recherche d’une chaussure confortable, légère et facile à assortir à toutes les tenues, je vous présente les chaussures Anniel.

Cette société familiale, créée il y a 35 ans à Montebelluna, ville située près de Venise, spécialisée depuis toujours dans les chaussures pour gymnastes, a adapté une partie de sa gamme aux chaussures de ville.

Incontournables dans la mode femme : le modèle le plus connu, est l’Anniel SOFT (petites chaussures à lacets d’un confort extrême).

Anniel a depuis, pensé à vous, les hommes, en créant une collection souple, chic et smart.


En résumé, pour être tendance sans souffrir à petits prix, visitez le site : http://www.annielmoda.com


Cravatta Pelliano – Standard bearers for contemporary quality and for the love of sartorial couture

October 18, 2012 | Leave a comment

Today I had the chance to meet two of the Carvatta Pelliano owners.

Bernd Damme (22) and Marin Licina (27).
I was amazed by their know-how, the way they see things and the way they think !

When you meet those Guys, you understand why the Cravatta Pelliano collection look so nice and why the concept is so strong.
No doubts that this label will rise very quickly in the following seasons.

The collection was based on ties and bow-ties made in Italy from the finest fabrics (silk & cashmere).
For the following season they add some jackets and suits wich have a great quality/finishing with this Cravatta Pelliano twist.
I bet that Cravatta Pelliano Concept will soon become a full collection with it’s roots in the quality made.

Cravatta Pelliano bow tie italian

Cravatta Pelliano bow tie italian

Cravatta Pelliano bow tie italian

Cravatta Pelliano bow tie italian

A Concept to follow !

Valstarino – The First, the Original, the Authentic.

July 5, 2012 | Leave a comment

When reading the name « Valstarino » it won’t talk to you much.

But just look at the pictures hereunder and you will say « yes, of course, I know this jacket »…

 Valstarino - Jacket italy authentic

Valstarino was created 77 years ago (in 1935) in Italy, since then, the jacket was copy and have had a big influence on lots of brands/designers.

The real Valstarino jacket is still produce in Italy and can be recognized among all the other copies by it’s particular look and quality.

 Valstarino - Jacket italy authentic

A piece that every Gentleman should have in his wardrobe.

Valstarino - Jacket italy authentic

The PlatinHome – Firenze

June 25, 2012 | Leave a comment

We started the fairs season last week with Firenze Pitti’s.

Usually, we are staying in hotels, but this time we have booked apartments in PlatinHome privat hotel.


PlatinHome isn’t an hotel, it’s a small home of seven apartments.

You don’t have an hotel service but you have a Lady who comes each day to clean your room and change the towels.

If you need anything, there’s a consierge service that will help you the best they can.


The apartments have all the needed confort and more….

A fully equiped kitchen, bedroom, wi-fi, Ipod dock station, great bathroom and a F* nice jacuzzi….

The price is a little above a luxury hotel, but it’s worth every cents



Angelo Inglese – When shirtmakers making bracelets ….

June 13, 2012 | Leave a comment

I had today a meeting with one of our suppliers, Mr. Bas (wich is also a good Friend of mine).

He had on his arm two small and colorful bracelets.

Angelo Iglese - Handmade Colorfull Bracelets

He explain me that they are made by hand in Italy by Angelo Inglese.

I never heard of Angelo Inglese before and Bas explain to me that he is one of the best shirtsmakers in Italy (he made a shirt for Prince William…..).

Angelo Iglese - Handmade Colorfull Bracelets

So I was curious to learn more about those bracelets and made some internet search.

I just found beautifull bracelets made by hand in lots of colors and with differents designs.

Angelo Iglese - Handmade Colorfull Bracelets

As summer is approaching, the bracelets will be a must have accessory for guys, so if you don’t have any yet, just run to buy a Angelo Inglese.

Thanks Bas for the tip !

“Maisonnette” – The Small House of Simone Simonelli

May 18, 2012 | Leave a comment

Elegant and multitasking, the “Maisonnette” of Simone Siomonelli … This young Italian designer of thirty years has created this “small house” in order to offer a collection of contemporary furnitures That Meets the Need of sharing functions in the microliving spaces. We invite you to discover the work of the artist on his website

Maisonnette - by Simone Simonelli, young italian designer

Maisonnette - by Simone Simonelli, young italian designer

Maisonnette - by Simone Simonelli, young italian designer

Maisonnette - by Simone Simonelli, young italian designer

UltraBox & UltraCicli – Urban but Ecologic

April 29, 2012 | Leave a comment

Imagine Guys coming from the Design and Communication World that decide to create something different.

Something that is Urban but Ecologic, something that is Design but Usefull.

That’s UltraBox & UltraCicli.

UltraBox is a pop-up store made in a container.

ultrabox / ultracicli : Pop-up Store

Ok, it’s not the first time that a pop-up store is made in a container but this time the container is built around a raw plywood frame.

The UtraBox is a DIY container and have a modern wooden design.

UltraCicli are bicycles like only the Italian can do : a work of Art !

ultrabox / ultracicli : Pop-up Store

ultrabox / ultracicli : Pop-up Store

The WP Group have relaunch the Avon Celli brand

April 20, 2012 | Leave a comment

The brand was created in 1922 in Milano by Mister Celli.

From the begining of the brand, Mister Celli wanted to produce only high quality products.

After WW2, he had an idea that was one of the biggest innovation for the knitting industy : producing knitwear with 35gg stocking loom.

Producing super fine knitwear with socks production machines !!!!

Avon Celli Knitwear Italy

That gave him the possibility to creat the finest knitwear available on the market.

When seeing today the pieces created by the WP Group for Avon Celli, it’s a beautifull hommage to his Founder.

The quality is top notch !

Avon Celli Knitwear Italy

Only the best cashmere, cotton available in super fine gg.

Perfect cuts that gives a very « Dandish » silhouette.

Check it out on the WP Store website.

Avon Celli Knitwear Italy

Avon Celli Knitwear Italy

Sartoria Bagnoli – Italian style with the Sartorial Napolitan touch

April 12, 2012 | Leave a comment

Sartoria Bagnoli was founded in Napoli by people who felt the need to produce today garments in the pure Napolitan Sartorial way.

All the Bagnoli products are hand made in Napoli.
Bagnoli is an hommage to a land that is pasionate for the good taste.

The fabrics they use are choosen for the qualities and the looks that will results after washing them and sewing them.

Bagnoli is the italian style and quality with the Sartorial Napolitan touch.

Sartoria Bagnoli - Napolitan Style

Sartoria Bagnoli - Napolitan Style

Sartoria Bagnoli - Napolitan Style

Sartoria Bagnoli - Napolitan Style

Sartoria Bagnoli - Napolitan Style

Camo Factory FW12 – Play poker with style !

April 6, 2012 | Leave a comment

A collection with real style! I love it! Classic and original at once. Looks that transform any typical person in real modern dandy.

As always with Camo, quality clothing and excellent fabrics. Made in Italy, of course.

We love the attention to details and finishes. Camo Factory is one of those brands that work to maintain the reputation of Italian craftsmanship. Some form of art.

Camo Factory - Italy - Fw12

Camo Factory - Italy - Fw12

Camo Factory - Italy - Fw12

Camo Factory - Italy - Fw12

Camo Factory - Italy - Fw12

Camo Factory - Italy - Fw12

Italia Veloce – Sartorial Bike !

April 5, 2012 | Leave a comment

Whaow……….what a bike !

We have see lots of beautifull and high quality bikes but the ones from Italia Veloce are above all !

Italia Veloce is the mix of the best available materials and equipments and the Italian Style.

Italia Veloce - Handmade Sartorial Bike

It’s like a Khirton suits : made to measure with the best quality and a perfect look !

It’s a Sartorial work !

They have four differents models that are made by hand in their Parma workshop.

Italia Veloce - Handmade Sartorialist Bike

Each model can be built with the equipment and the finitions that you want.

Of course, that kind of work have a price (around 2000€) but remember : that’s not a bike, that’s a Sartorial Bike !

Italia Veloce - Handmade Sartorial Bike

Italia Veloce - Handmade Sartorial Bike

Italia Veloce - Handmade Sartorial Bike

Italia Veloce - Handmade Sartorial Bike

Italia Veloce - Handmade Sartorial Bike

Italia Veloce - Handmade Sartorial Bike

Labor Division – Style can’t be mass produced

March 19, 2012 | Leave a comment

A while ago we were contacted by the Guys from Italian label « Labor Division ».

We didn’t knew the label and were quite surprise by the philosophy and the styles.

The brand is young but they have a real admiration for vintage work clothes.

All the production is made in Italy (from the fabrics to the woven labels).

Their moto : « Style can’t be mass produced. Labor Division, made in Italy therefore stands for high quality traditional products – without compromises! ».

That’s the kind of brand we love and believe in at Supra-Quintessence.


Labor Division - Handmade in Italy

Labor Division - Handmade in Italy

Labor Division - Handmade in Italy

Labor Division - Handmade in Italy

Labor Division - Handmade in Italy

AK47 design – Head, Hands & Heart

March 16, 2012 | Leave a comment

When reading this name, we automatically thing about the gun invented by Mikhail Kalasnikov in 1947.

But behind this name, you have design collective who propose products that are docile, efficient, innovative and efficacious.

All the designs they are creating is based on wood management.

When looking at the designs they creat we see a bridge between nature and design.

All their products are made with the best materials in Italy.


AK47 Design

AK47 Design

AK47 Design

AK47 Design

Punto Pigro Origin – Every pair is unique.

March 15, 2012 | Leave a comment

Calzaturificio Michele Secchiari was founded in 1975.

They are based in Montegranaro in Le Marche, the Italian region that is one of the most important shoe manufacturing areas worldwide.

The shoes are, of course, handcrafted in Italy using eco-friendly materials.

The Punto Pigro Origin line is inspired by a method Native Americans use to weave moccasins : The Opanka construction : The bottom is placed on the last and moulded by hand with the upper.

A Punto Pigro Origin will never be identical to another : every pair is unique.

Punto Pigro Origin Mocassin 1

Punto Pigro Origin Mocassin

Punto Pigro Origin Mocassin

Pence – Specialized in dying and washing process since the 70′

March 14, 2012 | Leave a comment

Another interesting brand we saw at the pitti uomo 2012 was Pence. They had a nice both in the middle of the most wanted hall (were you can find Salvatore Piccolo, Alden, Mackintosh, and others….).

We were surprised by the quality of the fabrics and the dying they use. The cuts are well done and there’s lot’s of attention given to details, that gives to the collection a kind of « non chalance slim look ».

Pence was founded in Italy in the 70′ and was from the begining specialized in dying and washing process. After 30 years of existence, they continue to search the highest quality and combine it with great wash.

A very nice brand.


Pence SS12 - Italy - Chino

Pence SS12 - Italy - Jacket

Pence SS12 - Italy - Chino 2

Pence SS12 - Italy - Chino 3

Pence SS12 - Italy - Pink Short

Marvis Toothpaste – That transform a simple daily gesture into a moment of pure pleasure

March 12, 2012 | Leave a comment

Marvis was created 50 years ago in Firenze, Italy.

At the begining it was a smokers toothpaste, known for whitens the teeth.

Based on Alum powder, it’s help to polish the teeth without scratching them.

Today, the original taste is still the best seller of the Brand but they have added some new super strong and fruity taste.

The breakthrough collection boasts 7 masterpieces of taste : real, original temptations that conquer at the first sampling.

Original, aromatic mixtures provide new, exquisite sensations that transform a simple daily gesture into a moment of pure pleasure.


[eshop_show_product id=”10530,10527,10539,10544″ price=”no” panels=”no”]

L’Eroica – The Retro Giro

February 5, 2012 | Leave a comment

Everyone knows about The Tweed Run but who knows about L’Eroica ?

L’Eroica take place each year in Italy during the month of October.

The race attract more than 4000 participants that will enjoy a one day race.

Everyone can participate as long as you have a vintage bike dating before 1986.

The Eroica take place in the Chianti Region wich gives an extra reason to join it.

The tour is cadenced by the delicious rhythm of good italian wine and cheese.

That’s what we would call The Retro Giro !



Hardgraft – It’s the history of a young couple that decided to live from their passion

February 3, 2012 | Leave a comment

Hardgraft is an old english word meaning « real hard work ».
That’s also a beautiful collection of accessories that we found at the Pitti.

It’s the history of a young couple (he is english, she’s austrian) that decided to live from their passion.

All the collection is based on wool felt and leather.
The leather is natural and all the pieces are handmade in Italy.

The production stays small as they want to offer quality products that would last in time.