Lewis Leather was created in 1892 by David Isaacs.

At the beginning it was a Tailoring and Outfitters shop located at 124 Great Portland street in London.

Some years later D Lewis begins making protective clothing for the Gentleman auto sports of Flying and Motoring.

In 1930 the Company introduces Aviakit, a line dedicated to aviation clothing.

They become Contractors to many Governments throughout the world.

In the 60’s with interest in motorcycling gaining more & more popularity, Lewis continue to expand the motorcycling line and become specialized in motorcycling jackets.

59 Club pt 1

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In the 70’s Lewis is at his peak and have 6 shops in the UK.

But because of the Lewis competitors, more specialized in technical motorcycles jackets, in 1985 all the Lewis shop had closed.

Lewis remains a small made to order leather jackets company.


Things started to change when the company was bought in 2003 by Derek Harris.

He was working for a Japanese company and understood very early the potential of Lewis Heritage.

Today, if you want to buy a good leather jacket, among brands like Aero Leather, Cockpit, Schott and others, Lewis Leather  stay a good choice.

lewis leather aviakit jacket 1940


Il y a quelques jours j’ai reçu un mail annonçant le début de soldes d’hiver chez Oi Polloi.

Pour les néophytes d’entre vous, Oi Polloi est un des magasins phare pour l’homme recherchant des marques de bonne facture avec une Histoire et une forte image.


En parcourant leur offre, je suis tombé sur un cardigan en molton de chez Universal Works, le Tarleton en Marine.

Comme le restant de la collection d’Universal Works, cette pièce est sublime.

Bien coupé, sobre et de très bonne qualité.


Universal Works a été créé en 2008 par David Keyte.

Avant de créer sa propre marque, David a eu le temps de gagner ses galons chez Paul Smith (pendant 10 ans) et chez Marharishi (la référence) pendant 5 ans.

David a voulu créer une marque qui soit facile à porter, intemporelle et de bonne facture.

La plupart des pièces sont d’inspiration workwear et fabriquées dans des petits ateliers au Royaume Uni.

C’est le genre de marque qui ne crée pas son image via des campagnes publicitaires mais dont la qualité intemporelle des pièces sera la fondation de son image.

Since our last post about  the “Bond & Knight” wallet , I traveled Favourite Shops looking for a wallet. Here is my selection.

1. Max Unicorn Co – Camouflage Washed Leather Bi-Fold Wallet  / (Hickorees, $88, Made in the USA)

2. BillyKirk – NO. 153 Passport wallet w /pocket / (BillyKirk, $120, Made in the USA)

3. Bond & Knight – Skulls / with initials / (Bond & Knight, £ 65, Made in England)

4. The Good Flock – Leather Wallet Black / (The Buttery Store, £ 53.99, Made in the USA)

5. Veja – Wallet Zippe Soleta Nautico / (Le Rayons Frais, €39, Made in Brazil)

6. Archival – Flap Wallet / (Archival, $ 120, Made in the USA)

7. Woolrich Woolen Mills – Small Wallet / (end., £ 39, Made in the USA)

8. Studio D’Artisan – Wallet  Short / (Blue in Green, $ 205, Made in Japan)

9. Postalco Leather/Cotton Wallet / (Brook Farm General Store, $195, Made in Japan)

10. Porter – Capsule Wallet Orange / (Royalcheese, €120, Made in Japan)