Who we are ?


All started in 1999 when Supra-Quintessence Owner, Miky Glupczynski, opened a small boutique up-town Brussels selling hard to find Brands. By 2002 the boutique was THE destination for Denim Heads. The boutique was offering Brands like Iron Heart, Momotaro, Full Count, LVC, Spellbound, The Denim Head, Imperial Denim and many others. In 2006, a website was launched, Denim Addikt, to offer online all those Brands. The website became in 2008 Supra-Quintessence as it’s still today.

In addition to our website, you can find us physically in our Brussels store located at 690, Ch. de Waterloo, Espace 23, B-1180 Brussels, Belgium (open on Friday and Saturday from 12:00 till 18:00).


Supra-Quintessence mission is to bring you products that we source Worldwide with the same moto : attention to the quality, to the details and the Human who are behind each product/brand.
All the products we are offering are exclusively Made in Europe, the US or Japan. You will NEVER find on our website a product that was made in the Far East.
Most of the products we are offering are “Timeless Products”; products that you can wear/use season after season. That’s the reason why you will never find on Supra-Quintessence Sales and/or Discounts.


We have an authentic and favorite relationship with denim. Supra-Quintessence has always pursued the cult of jeans with passion. That’s the reason why we are always searching for Great Denim Brands without any regard on the trends and/or fashion.


Our Supra-Quintessence Line is 100% non Asia sourcing/production (excepted for the Raw Denim Made in Japan).

We are sourcing all our fabrics in Europe and all the production is also Made in Europe.

We are dealing directly with the fabrics suppliers and if the producers.

No middle men, no factory agent, only direct trading !

Why ? We think that today it’s more than vital to source and produce in Europe; by doing so, small families businesses, factories, will be able to survive and to serves us, and others, with a Great Quality Know-How.

Producing in Europe have also an environmental impact; less transports for our fabrics and our production and better view on the factories ecological politics.

And last but not least, by going in direct with no middle men, we can guarantee great prices which makes our products the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY !