Who we are ?


We prefer stories built on our partners. All we make is a story: every cloth, every collection. A mix of stories would be even better. The story is the one that the client tells us expressing needs, standard, goals. The story we propose to the client is created by using the fashion trends language that we saw in London, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Every single project is a story which starts with a desire and ends with the final cloth. Stories, with capital S, are the icons we know, we study, we preserve to inspire us. Our story is beautiful. It starts in 1999 with Miky Glupczynski and his innovative vision of the service, building a complete service starting from the prototype realization. From style office to the final product. From the materials research to the prototypes, samples and production.


Supra-Quintessence is a proactive and original partner for its clients, because its service with creative purpose is looked after a unique TEAM. The features of this service are based on technical know-how, business experience and its open-minded and creative core. The business supplies to its clients an exclusive and excellent international production chain coordinated by its force of gravity. The best capabilities of “Made in Europe” revolve around Project and support the production quality. The roots of european  culture are periodically fed with travels, meetings and conferences. The fashion capitals, the fashion exhibitions, the fashion weeks, the client meetings, the artistic projects are all methods to enrich Project’s point of view.


We have an authentic and favourite relationship with denim. Supra-Quintessence has always pursued the cult of jeans with passion. Starting from the research: we found the best textiles of every season by European, American and Japanese catwalks. Transforming that textiles in original trousers is matter of style -we have a lot- and know-how. We read the future of jeans thanks to the deep knowledge of applications, washings, processes but mostly the collaboration with who does this at the best. We rely on an excellent industry made up of laundrettes, dye-works, print houses, with a great attention on details. We gain a denim that is luxury to wear.


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