UltraBox & UltraCicli – Urban but Ecologic

Imagine Guys coming from the Design and Communication World that decide to create something different.

Something that is Urban but Ecologic, something that is Design but Usefull.

That’s UltraBox & UltraCicli.

UltraBox is a pop-up store made in a container.

ultrabox / ultracicli : Pop-up Store

Ok, it’s not the first time that a pop-up store is made in a container but this time the container is built around a raw plywood frame.

The UtraBox is a DIY container and have a modern wooden design.

UltraCicli are bicycles like only the Italian can do : a work of Art !

ultrabox / ultracicli : Pop-up Store

ultrabox / ultracicli : Pop-up Store

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