Interview with Pierre Sage, erotic fine art photographer

Recently we presented Peter Sage, a French photographer who has talent and passion for the job. Pretty girls, chic and refined eroticism, attention to detail and carefully selected decorations.

This time we have contacted to ask him some questions … who knows, maybe this will rise to vocations!


Pierre Sage - Fine erotic Photography


– Could you briefly retrace your path since you started in photography 10 years ago? Your story?


At the begining it was a kind of game in my couple with the will to share sexy and kinky cliches.

Shooting with kodak disposable camera and a small konica-minolta compact…..I wasn’t sensible at all to the photo world….But really attract by the feminity and the sensuality.

By multiplying these games et those situations, i’ve developped a real attraction for photography, especially the ones linked to charms and pleasure.

Selfmade man, i have acquired and developed my photographics skills to serve my univers and my erotic vision….

The first models solicitations helping….And then the launch of my first book (4 years ago) gave me the energy and the will to go further….


Your pictures are very “chic”, very glamorous, a little staggered. Due to light, sets and props. With care given to every detail. How does developing a staged? How do you choose your models and designs?


Most of those pictures are personnal, in a fully collaborative exchange with the desire to bind the skills of each others.

I’m always searching for new spots, and when i find one, i’m entering the “conception” process : searching for the right model, the thema, the atmosphere brainstorming with the team (the model, the make up, the hairdresser and for some the stylist)…AND Then thinking on the lights till the “D” day.


– Do you work alone?

I’m always accompagnied by a make-up, a hair dresser and a assistant (at least).


– Where do you get your inspiration? What are the photographers whose work inspire you?


My inspiration is the woman, the pleasure, her fragility melee to her strenght of charachter….

Wich photographers inspired me and continue to inspired me….Erwin Olaf, Marc lLgrange, Helmut Newton (of course)….And Many more….


What equipment do you use?


I’m working with a canon, my compacts and generators are bowens.


– You are an autodidact, have you any advice for an amateur like you who wish to embark on the erotic photography ?


No advice…Only To respect the models, listen to her and framed around the picture.

You also have to respect yourself. Many photographers are using this activity for some personnal reasons wich are unscrupulous….


– What is your favorite photograph? Why?


Indeed i have a picture that takes a big place in my univers, but this in is (let says) “confidential”.

Perhaps he will be unveiled in a future exhibition…..


– A funny story to share?


Yes, some years ago, in the middle of a shooting in a lyon boudoir, i was talking with the model that says she love my work and especially the pictures i’ve made in corsica….BUT I’ve never been to corsica !

At the end (after 10 min debats), i understand that she was talking about another photographer who had the same name as mine…..We Started to laugh.

But i didn’t knew if she wanted to be shoot by me or by the other “me”…..(I’M Kiding).


– Projects for the future?


Yes…But I will come back to you very soon to introduce it…..

Thank you for this interview….And For the quality of your website and his content.


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