Finally here’s a good product for washing your jeans !

The two founders of Tangent GC decided to create washing laundry products cause they had enough of all those regular detergents full of corrosive chemicals.

The Tangent GC products are made from organic and biodegradable ingredients.

To give the smells to the products, they only use essential oils.

The last product of the line is a denim wash.

It washes and softens your raw denim.





To end up my Pitti/Tuscany trip, I went for one day to Forte Dei Marmi.

Forte Dei Marmi is a small village on the Italian coast located 20 minutes drive from Pisa.

It’s a very nice place to stay with nice beaches, restaurants, bars and shops.

Although it’s quite “snobbish” (kind of Italian St. Tropez), I like this place.

I was quite surprise when in the morning I went to the beach and I saw some surfers.

I wasn’t aware at all that Forte Dei Marmi is a surf spot !

And to be honest, a nice spot !

The waves were around 1m80 high, the sun was shining and the view that you have from the sea is beautiful (mountains).

Guys, if you like surfing, check out the pictures, grab your board and see you there.


I have write this post sitting in front of the swimming pool of the Boutique Hotel 7047.
After finishing 4 days at the Pitti Fair in Firenze I wanted to take some days off in Tuscany.
The Boutique Hotel 7047 is located in the middle of the Pisa-Firenze way.
In a small village called San Miniato.
Sometimes, there’s some places that you would like to keep for yourself; 7047 is one of those places.
It’s a real small Hotel, only 6 rooms, located on a small hill outside the San Miniato Village.
The Hotel is very well kept, nice design and the staff is so friendly.
The small swimming pool will help you survive the Tuscany heat will the outside Jacuzzi will help you finishing your evening after a very good meal in one of San Miniato restaurants.
They put bikes at your disposal to take a visit of the surroundings and they will help you with most of your desires.