[stextbox id=”info” image=”https://supra-quintessence.com/images/lips.png”]Kristel est la fille de la bande. De temps en temps, elle prend la plume pour nous faire découvrir son univers, ses coups de cœurs. Pour que les gentlemens que nous sommes ne perdent pas pied dans cette grande piscine qu’est la mode féminine. Kristel nous aide à dénicher les perles, la supra-quintessence, en somme … avec une touche girly, une pointe de chic, et un zeste de poésie.[/stextbox]


Voici un de mes grands coups de cœur. Bilitis 17 ans. Un petit nouveau sur le marché de la mode. Depuis sa création en 2001, cette marque japonaise progresse à grands pas.

La principale caractéristique de la marque, est l’utilisation de dentelle, tulle et broderie.

Cette marque suit ses propres diktats hors des conventions de la mode. Ses influences, le nom l’indique « Bilitis », sont l’univers d’une jeune fille pensionnaire d’un internat privé qui cherche à découvrir l’amour.

Chaque pièce est faite avec une telle minutie et un tel soin du détail, qu’elle peut s’adapter à tous les styles.

Cette marque soucieuse de l’artisanat et particulièrement très féminine est essentielle dans toute garde-robe à l’exemple de la petite robe noire tant vantée par Coco Chanel.

Cette marque est toutefois difficile à trouver, mais … suite au prochain numéro, je mène l’enquête …

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ad Men won many plaudits for the fashion sense of the main protagonists, most notably that of Don Draper, but it isn’t all just about the clothing that was worn during the 1960s in Manhattan. Another big feature of the show that was equally as striking as the clothing worn was that of the furniture and the set designers did a fantastic job of recapturing the stylish furniture that would have been used in Manhattan homes and offices during this period.

There’s no denying that the lifestyles of these ad men was highly aspirational but there’s no need to leave things at dressing like Don Draper – you can add some luxury furniture to your home in the same style as that which is used in the hit show…

… let’s take a look at some designer furniture ideas that will give your home, or indeed office, the Mad Men look:



[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his eye-catching sofa, based on the Jesper Holm design, will definitely give a Mad Man flavour to your home of office.

Crafted from high quality Italian leather and stainless steel frame, this designer sofa is a classic in terms of design and it is easy to picture Don Draper draped upon it.


Desk Lamp:

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’re looking to turn your office into a Don Draper-esque workspace, you’ll need to think of your choice of office furniture and this will include desk lamps. You will need a striking, retro design that wouldn’t look out of place in 60s New York. The desk lamp has an effortless style and functionality and is based upon the Arne Jacobsen design which came to the fore in the 1960s. This fantastic lamp also has another extremely Mad Men-esque feature – space for an ashtray in the base. We’ve all seen how many cigarettes Don Draper gets through in the average episode of Mad Men.


Office Chairs:

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[dropcap]B[/dropcap]old, vibrant colours weren’t unusual in the offices of advertising executives in 1960s New York but you can bring this look to your own office with some colourful choices of your own such as the eye-catching Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair pictured above.

You will have to have a fairly forward thinking office to pull off a chair of this magnitude but it’s always a good idea to be a shepherd and not a sheep when it comes to interior design and designer seating of this nature will clearly showcase your trailblazing attitude.


Lounge Chair:

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or any Don Draper wannabe, a comfortable and stylish lounge chair is an absolute must and this Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman would definitely get the Draper seal of approval. This stunning piece of luxury furniture is perfect for relaxation and will perfect for unwinding with a glass of brandy after a hard day at the office. First designed by Eames in 1956, it is no wonder that furniture of this ilk is regularly seen popping up in Mad Men and it is certainly one of the most comfortable pieces of seating that you can have for your home or office.


All furniture images used with permission of Swivel UK Furniture.