Three weeks ago I received a mail from Eric who wanted to introduce himself and his concept/brand.

After reading his mail and checking out his website we were charmed by the concept !

Stenoflex is a French hand-made cardboard pinhole chamber, that comes along with an argentic mini-lab and sheets of paper, “all in the box”.

Stenoflex is a unique experience. It is the junction of two principles, an optical one (the Camera Obscura) and a chemical one (argentic photosensible).


It is an object, that Eric have been developping since 2009, 170 years after the invention of photography by Nicéphore Niepce in Chalon sur Saône – France. It’s a return to the basics of photography, analogical, anachronical, that give the possibility to its users to discover the very simple process of camera obscura, and to create their own images, at home.

It is magic and has incredible results.

If you love photography like we do, you will love Stenoflex !

And if you love Stenoflex, they are on sale here 😉

The first time I saw a work of Gregory Derkenne it was in the Fall/Winter issue of Code magazine.

Then I started to search on the net and I found that he have made lots of works for Citizen K magazine and others.

Diane Kruger by Gregory Derkenne for Citizen K Fall (2011)

Diane Kruger by Gregory Derkenne for Citizen K Fall (2011)

I really like his way of photographing, the models are always beautiful, he knows how to play with the lights and he have this well kept secret of how to shoot a naked girl but never being rude !

His photography are sexy, glam but never rude.

You almost don’t pay attention to the fact that the girls are half naked (I’m lying) but you look at the all atmosphere that make the story of the pictures.

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