Luta Surf Toys x Supra-Quintessence

We are very happy and proud to announce a collaboration between Luta Surf Toys & Supra-Quintessence.

I started surfing when I was 13 years old and got the virus of catching the waves, till today surfing represent for me freedom, nature, and a great respect for the Ocean.

So it was normal that one day we will go for a collab creating “our board”.

But then why choosing Luta Surf Toys when there’s plenty of shapers and well known surf companies out there ?

Well, this year I had the chance to try a Luta Surf Toys while I was on holidays and the riding was great ! Easy riding, smooth movements, not hard to paddle, just great to have a good time !

When we came back from holidays I decided to take contact with Luta to check if there will be an interest on their side to make a collab with us, and to be honest, after my second contact I really wanted this collab to happen and I knew it would.

The Guy at Luta was so nice and helpful, that have made the collab came true ! Business isn’t just about money, it’s before all about Human, about meeting new people, new culture and enjoying what we do ! And Yann, Luta’s owner is a Great person !

Luta Surf Toys has been around since 2012. Yann, the owner, is both a shaper and a teacher. He started to shape boards in his garage, then to friends and so on….

He is making the boards himself from A to Z in his small workshop, everything by hands, no machines !

Each board is tailor-made with all the attention and the time it takes.

Yann is working with a view to the durability of the materials, his boards are very solid and made to last over time.

He likes to create original boards (finless, asymmetrical, …), in fact, he is shaping boards that he would like to ride himself.

Due to his teacher job, he has the luxury to be able to do only boards that correspond to his philosophy of surfing. In the same way, he likes to play with tinted resin, to use fabrics (cotton, linen) in order to bring something more to the board.

He is mainly working sustainable French EPS / Epoxy to have light and above all durable boards !

Soon available online …