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This useful little fridge magnet can be attached to any metal surface and provide a convenient place for an oven glove or set of house keys. Two strong neodymium magnets are neatly countersunk into the rear and will hold up to one kilogram of weight. The unique appearance of the “Trook” varies according to the individual characteristics of the tree but is approximately three inches high. Each “Trook” is accompanied by a handwritten tag which shows where it was found and the variety of tree it came from. Made by hand in England.

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Geoffrey Fisher :

Geoffrey Fisher Design is situated in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, an English County with a long history of working with wood and an appropriate place for anyone continuing the tradition to be found.

In contrast to many of the industrial scale workshops in the area Geoffrey Fisher Design is studio based and only produces small volume pieces individually commissioned by Independent Retailers or Private Clients.

The relationship between the appearance of the finished work and the way it is made is an important part of the design process as one thing can suggest the other. This in itself can produce a pleasing aesthetic but sometimes we want to own or give something that is both functional and elegant. If it is also well made we can feel confident that we are getting value for money provided acceptable standards of production are used.

The materials used are not only of the highest quality but also from recognised sustainable sources that do not harm the environment. With the exception of one or two components everything is made from solid wood and where it is necessary to use an alternative it is not for reasons of economy.

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