Vintage Bleu de Travail Jacket – Dead Stock – Small



The Bleu de Travail Jackets are great jackets you can wear all year long.

With a simple tee or with a dress shirt, it fits all styles and looks.

For me, these jackets are like a good pair of jeans, the more you wear them, the nicer they get ! Take a look at the pictures where I wear mine, already worn and washed, just perfect !

Please read carefully : These Jackets are Original vintage jackets sourced by us & brought directly to you. Each one is unique so please check each picture.

These Jackets are dead stock vintage pieces, they come to you in their original form and were never worn. However they can have some spots.


Measurements taken lying flat :

Pit to pit – 53cm;
Shoulders – 43cm.
Arms – 47cm.
Length – 70cm.

Please check your measurements carefully!

In stock


Over its fabled 100-year plus history, the remarkable vintage French work jacket has seen itself evolve. Born into a world of work-wear, the humble blue chore jacket today takes center in most elegant wardrobe.

Today everyone wants a piece of the humble Bleu de Travail. Yet, it seems like a century ago, no one but the working class would dare to be seen in one of those “working blues”.

In fact, literally translated, “Bleu de Travail” actually does stand for blue work-wear – something that could be seen throughout Frances’ working populaces in the late 1800s. If you worked anywhere other than in “white collar” jobs, you’d most likely have to wear a blue chore jacket. There were no two ways about it!

Unsurprisingly though, what made the vintage French work jacket a “people’s choice” back in the day, is exactly what’s fanned its revival today:

  • Versatility: Which meant it could easily fit into any environment back then. And it can still do so today!
  • Durability: Like the French worker of yore, today’s good taste lovers crave durability in what they wear. And this piece of vintage French workwear provides that in spades!
  • Practicality: The colour, the style, the design and the fabric, all blend in to make this iconic piece of vintage wear very practical indeed!


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Weight 800 g