Specific Object

It all started In June 2019.

We were at the Pitti Uomo Fair in Firenze as each season wondering between the booths to check new collections, new comers, existing suppliers and placing some orders.

Suddenly we came across a very small booth, in fact it wasn’t a booth, it was a small table in the middle of nowhere showing some socks.

We were impressed by the look and the quality of the socks.

We started to speak to the Gentleman who was presenting the socks and we decided to keep those socks in mind.

A year after, we were still thinking about those socks so we decided to contact that Gentleman and start working with his socks.

The Gentleman name is Paul, he founded Specific Object in London.

After leaving central St. Martins, Paul worked in fine art fabrication, textile design and print as well as founding November books in 2010.

Previous works have led to a deep interest in the minutiae of the everyday and the overlooked, which combined with an experimental, process led approach to making serves as the starting point for the label.

Items are made in both the UK and Italy, drawing material from only sustainable sources, and produced in limited quantities, allowing them to be rooted in the best artisan traditions whilst pushing the possibilities of modern menswear.

All the socks are produced in northern Italy in a small family factory using giza 86 extra long staple yarns, selected and grown in Egypt and dyed in Italy.

All yarns are from sustainable sources and oeko-tex certified. heel and toe are nylon reinforced for durability.

All socks are produced on 176 or 200 needle mono or double cylinder machines.

The wool socks are made from mule sing free oeko-tex certified Italian wool.

Check those great socks here.