Kanpai !

I’m a big fan of Japanese cuisine and Japanese saké.

Each time I’m traveling to Amsterdam, I’m trying to stay for the night to have the chance to eat at the Okura Restaurant (for me, one of the Best Japanese restaurant in Europe).

They have a huge and great saké selection.

Last time I was there, I discovered the Ohmine Shuzou.


Since 1600, Ohmine produce the saké in the same way using only high quality rice and spring water.

To have good saké you have to use as less as possible rice grain in the brewing process.


The highest Ohmine saké, Junmai Daiginjo, use a very small percentage of rice grain.

Try two or three bottles and enjoy your evening….


Fundamental Agreement Luxury is a Japanese Denim label founded in 2005.

The philosophy of the brand is hidden behind the name :

Fundamental Agreement = having a basic agreement with the customers to provide them with quality product.

Luxury = suggests that the product is a cut above the rest in every which way.

The brand is specialized in wash and destroys denim but they also have great raw denim using the best available qualities.

fundamental agreement luxury 1

They offer 4 different cuts :

–        The Classic Straight “Origin Denim”.

–        The Regular Straight “Heritage Denim”.

–        The Slim Straight “Trace Denim”.

–        The Skinny Fit Straight “Figure Denim”.

Here’s a small film showing the way they do things :

Big John started producing jeans in Japan more then 50 years ago.

They were the first to produce jeans in Japan.

They also were the first to sell washed jeans to the World !!!



Over the past 50 years, they have continued to push the boundaries in the world of denim, and led Kojima to become the denim capital of the World it is today.

The mission of Big John, as the pioneer of Japanese denim, is to honor the history and lead the growth of this local industry.

Big John pop up shop at Adonust Museum

Big John pop up shop at Adonust Museum

As a small contribution to the Art of Japanese manufacturing, they decided to have each Big John product carry the name of the factory where it’s made.

These factory signatures are not only there to guarantee the quality, but also to show their appreciation to people behind the history and future of Big John.