Clémence Veilhan is a French photographer who have started her career as Nan Goldin assistant.

She’s working on B&W and color pictures.

All her models are « real » people and look so.

Clémence Veilhan

Clémence Veilhan

One part of her Art is called « Chewing Girls ».

She take pictures of topless girls chewing bubble-gums.


The thing about those pictures, is that she is shooting « naked girls » but that are no more object of desire.

By chewing those gums, they become part of an action and no more a sex object….


The idea about topless girls vs chewing gums is that a girl body is like a chewing gum : always changing, moving always in motion.

And that’s all the deal about Clémence Veilhan pictures, although the girls are statics, they seems to be in motion due to the chewing gum.



Very nice work.

Candice Milon is a French photographer, specializing in objects and still lifes. In this series, she has reconstructed the character costumes of some cult movies. For example, “Rebel Without a Cause” with James Dean, “Wall Street” with Michael Douglas “The Wild One” with Marlon Brando, etc …

Casablanca -1942 – Humphrey Bogart

The Blues Brothers – 1980

Back to The Future – 1985 – Michael J. Fox

Wall Street – 1987 – Michael Douglas

A Clockwork Orange – 1971 – Malcolm McDowell

Rebel Without A Cause – 1955 – James Dean

The Wild One – 1953 – Marlon Brando

Forrest Gump – 1994 – Tom Hanks