Who we are ?


All started in 1999 when we (Barbara & Michael) opened a small boutique up-town Brussels, Belgium, selling hard to find Brands. By 2002 the boutique was THE destination for Denim Heads. The boutique was offering Brands no one was offering at that time in Europe. We were the first one to offer in Europe Brands like Iron Heart, Toyo Enterprise (Sugar Cane), The Flat Head, Spellbound, Momotaro, Fullcount, 3Sixteen and many more….
In 2006, a website was launched to offer online all those Brands.
The selection was based on a simple fact : finding Brands produced in small quantities, with great attention to quality, details and sustainability by people who share the same values as our-self. People with a story that we wanted to share with our Clients/Friends.
Today we are still following our core values and they became even stronger. It’s mandatory for us that the products we are offering are well manufactured. That those products aren’t following a mass market logic. Behind each piece we are offering, there’s a story and lots of Humanity !
With time passing by, although they are still young, our Daughters (Eden & Eve) started to join our daily decisions. That lead to a selection that is a mirror of our way of living. All what we are offering today is what we use, what we have home, what we wear and what we want to share.


Since its inception, Supra-Quintessence has grown in the last decade into a Store that aims to inspire through multiple channels; through our selection of clothing and accessories for timeless elegance with a sustainable approach, through the design vintage pieces that we travel the World to offer to you, and through the continued curation of its digital platform.

Be inspired by slow living in a fast world.


Supra-Quintessence Label is 100% non Asia sourcing/production (excepted for the Raw Denim Made in Japan).

All fabrics are sourced in Europe and all the production is also Made in Europe.

We are dealing directly with the fabrics suppliers and with the manufacturers.

No middle men, no factory agent, only direct trading !

Why ? We think that today it’s more than vital to source and produce in Europe; by doing so, small families businesses, factories, will be able to survive and to serves us, and others, with a Great Quality Know-How.

Producing in Europe have also an environmental impact; less transports for our fabrics and our production and better view on the factories ecological politics.

And last but not least, by going in direct with no middle men, we can guarantee great prices which makes our products the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY !