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Polaroid Colorpack 80

Polaroid Colorpack 80

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The successors to the Swinger, the Colorpack cameras make up a vast family of cameras that use pack films. The entire range of cameras is built around the Pack 80 and Pack 100.

The use of pack films represents a significant advancement for users. Loading is greatly simplified compared to roll films. One needs to open the back of the camera, remove the empty pack, insert a new one by sliding it under the film shield. White tabs must emerge from the pack before closing the back of the camera, which is then secured in place with a large clip.

Since the two batteries are not included in the pack, they need to be changed at least once a year. They are housed in a removable compartment located in the camera's chamber.

After taking a shot, a sequence of actions needs to be followed to retrieve the photo, as the development is done externally. This process takes around 30 seconds for black and white films and 1 minute for color films. The prints do not need to be lacquered for proper preservation. The development time must be meticulously adhered to, and some models feature a timer to assist the user. Once the time has passed, the negative must be separated from the print. Thus, while there is indeed progress in loading, the development process still requires attention. It will take the SX-70 films to truly simplify this process.

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Like all our other items, this camera is pre-owned and shows signs of time.

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