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Le Baigneur - Milori Soap

Le Baigneur - Milori Soap

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Saponified soap enriched with raw cocoa butter, Moroccan ghassoul clay, and scented with essential oils of black pine from Provence and amyris from Haiti.

For body, face, and hands.

Handcrafted in Le Baigneur workshop in Paris.
Cold saponification, naturally rich in glycerin.


Raw cocoa butter: In 2010, Frédéric Marr created Rrraw, the first French manufacturer of raw chocolate in Montreuil. The production of "raw" chocolate, without roasting, conching, or cooking, preserves the original flavors and virtues of cocoa. The raw cocoa butter thus obtained has true moisturizing, nourishing, protective, and reparative properties.

Moroccan ghassoul clay: very rich in provitamins, minerals, and trace elements, this 100% natural mineral clay has cleansing, absorbent, soothing, regenerating, and protective virtues.

Essential oils of black pine and amyris: relaxing and revitalizing virtues.
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