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Olympus Infinity S

Olympus Infinity S

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If you find that this device bears a strong resemblance to the Olympus AM100, there is an excellent reason: it is the same, but the Infinity S was not intended for the European market.

The focusing has a peculiar feature. In those distant times when autofocus did not yet reign supreme, people generally relied on hyperfocal distance settings, especially with a 35 mm camera. This meant sharp focus from not too far away to infinity (and beyond), which suited most users. Olympus went above and beyond by adding two green buttons visible under the flash, which are used to electronically shift the focus, either for portrait or distant landscapes. A green LED briefly lights up next to the corresponding icon in the viewfinder. 

Another significantly more interesting feature for the user is that the battery compartment can accommodate either a 3 V Lithium battery like DL123A or two 1.5 V AAA-type cylindrical batteries.

Made in Japan in the 80's.


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Like all our other items, this camera is pre-owned and shows signs of time.

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