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Agfa - Agfamatic Pocket 2008

Agfa - Agfamatic Pocket 2008

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The silhouette of the Agfamatic 110, like that of the Kodak Instamatic, marked the 1970s. It is that of a rectangular body, often two-tone (black and silver), with the side sliding part serving both as a protective cover for the lens and as a film advance lever, following the principle of Minox cameras. The film advance system is called Repitomatic by Agfa. The silhouette is completed by a fashionable metal strap of the time.

In the Agfamatic numbering system, the thousands series (1000, 2000, 3000, etc.) refers to cameras with connectors for Flashcubes. The 8 series (1008, 2008, 3008, etc.) refers to the same cameras, but with a connector for Flipflash.
The thousands series can be Flash pocket if the cameras have a built-in electronic flash.
The 8 series can also be Tele pocket when the camera's focal length is doubled or Makro pocket when the lens is also macro. The Tele function is achieved by adding an additional lens to the lens. The viewfinder is also modified accordingly.
The shape of the 901 series cameras is different from that of the other Agfamatics since the film advance is driven by a motor and there is no longer a sliding part. The plastic housing is entirely black, except for the orange Sensor trigger.

Made in Germany in the 80's.


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