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Le Baigneur - Orangeraie Soap

Le Baigneur - Orangeraie Soap

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Saponified soap enriched with argan oil, yellow clay, orange blossom water, and scented with sweet orange, petitgrain bigarade, and ylang-ylang essential oils.

For body, face, and hands.

Handcrafted in Le Baigneur workshop in Paris.
Cold saponification, naturally rich in glycerin.


Argan oil: this oil has been used for centuries by the Berbers of the Atlas. Its richness in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E gives it antioxidant, protective, healing, and regenerating properties, allowing it to combat skin aging. It quickly penetrates, ensuring good nourishment for the skin and hair.

Orange blossom water: soothing, toning, and revitalizing virtues.

Yellow clay: absorbent, healing, soothing, and purifying properties.

Essential oils of sweet orange, petitgrain bigarade, and ylang-ylang: relaxing and soothing virtues.

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